Ho Ho Home Staging: The Sequel

A Home Seller’s Guide to Holiday Staging – Part II

The way you live in your home and the way you sell it are two different things. The holidays are a time for over-indulgence, but when it comes to decorating your home in preparation for a sale, it’s time to put down the singing Santa, and consult an expert.

Last week, I gave out some tips on staging your home for the holidays. I want to continue with the merriment of the season and divulge some more of my secrets for beautiful, sophisticated and festive home decor that is sure to leave an unforgettable first impression.

1. Decorate the outside, as well as the interior. 

You absolutely don’t want to be the one home on the block not adorning some lights just because yours is on the market. It’s perfectly OK to decorate the outside of your home. In fact, prospective buyers will drive the neighborhood in the evenings too, so having a tastefully lit exterior will just compound their own visions of future Christmases in the home! Just remember that you are showcasing the home’s lovely architecture and NOT your Christmas spirit or know-how.

Michelle Lynne Interiors Group - Holiday Staging DON'T

Holiday home staging DON’T! (Design NOT by Michelle Lynne)

2. Keep it simple, and artificial! 

I know this is strange advice, but again, your first objective is to showcase your home, not the fabulous tree. The tree should serve as an accent that is going to help give it a warm and comfy vibe, minus the mess and overwhelming smell of pine. Subtlety is key! When trimming the tree, I recommend using solid white LED lights. Avoid – at all costs – anything that flashes. Flashing lights may be off-putting to some. Keep it simple and you’ll be golden!

Design Pro Tip: Use ribbons or pearls as garland – my favorite is the bendable mesh – and use 2-3 colors of ornaments to avoid strong themes. 

Michelle Lynne Interiors Group - Christmas Tree Design

Color scheme is minimal and enticing, without being gaudy. Plus, the colors coordinate with the home. Holiday home staging DO! (Design by Michelle Lynne)

3. Keep decor in the main living area.

You’ll want to limit your decorating to the main living area of the house only. It is unnecessary and over-the-top to decorate every room in your home. The living room, for instance, is the perfect place to put up a few pieces of decor. It’s a room that represents “togetherness” and really benefits from a splash of holiday warmth.

Michelle Lynne Interiors Group - Unique Holiday Decor

A simple table piece can be the perfect accent ! (Design by Michelle Lynne)

I hope that these tips really help zero in your focus on the ultimate goal – to make a sale! What better time than the Holidays? For those getting a head start this coming weekend, remember to put a little love  – and a lot of self control – into every decorating choice you make. I wish you luck!

And if luck isn’t cutting it, call me and make an appointment. There’s still time. we can use your existing items, add to your existing items, or start fresh. Call me at (972) 248-4733 today to get on the calendar.

Happy Thanksgiving!


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