Living By Design – Monday Motivation (Aug 4)

Wow – it’s Monday afternoon already! This post almost became a Tuesday Motivation because the day has just gotten away from me.

Truth is, I’m not particularly focused OR motivated today. My family & I are going on our first Mission Trip next week, and I am a little distracted with excitement and preparation. I am really having to force myself to get my work done this week. In anticipation, I thought I’d use the trip as inspiration for today’s post.

It is in Giving That We Receive

I have been wanting to do a short term mission trip for a long time. We almost went to North Africa a year or so ago, but the region we were going to serve in became too dangerous and the organization we were going through did not get enough support. I was a little bummed. My husband was a little relieved.

You Don't Need A Reason To Help

I am very fortunate that my job allows me to take time to volunteer. During the school year, I spend one afternoon a week with elementary school kids via KIDs Beach Club. It’s very energetic, to say the least, but it super rewarding and fun! And I hope that this will only be the first of many short term mission trips that my family & I can do together. I believe that a well designed life includes giving back. And it doesn’t have to be about giving money. It can be about time. And it doesn’t have to be BIG, it just has to be SOMETHING.

Everyone Can Do SomethingI hope to get next week’s Monday Motivation post done in advance. But if this week gets away from me, please remember to send us good mojo, prayers, positive energy, or whatever you believe as we travel next week. I’ll be sharing more about this trip in future posts FOR SURE! Yeah, like where we’re going and what we’re doing.

For now, just take a moment to reflect when you have been the recipient of somebody’s generosity. And then look around to see where you can help. It doesn’t need to be a week or an afternoon of time. A sweet friend of mine recently helped an elderly lady pump her gas – and that one, small action was huge impact to the woman. Wouldn’t you have appreciated her if it was your mother she pumped the gas for? So keep your eyes open and see where you can be of service. You too will be the recipient of something great.

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