My Favorite Things

So this past weekend, the Handsome Hubs & I watched the movie “Saving Mr. Banks”, and somewhere along the line, I admittedly got the Mary Poppins character mixed up with the character in “The Sound Of Music” and was singing the “My Favorite Things” song for the rest of the day. To aid in ridding that tune from my mind, I thought I thought I’d have a little fun and share with you a few of my favorite day to day things and, possibly share the fun of carrying that tune for a day.

While compiling these items, I realized that I’m not really all that exciting or trendy.  Well, I knew that already, it just took  a moment of bravery to share that truth with you.  But back to the “things” – don’t you love it when you find something new that you just love?  What is the first thing you do?  Share it with friends.  So of course, I hope you enjoy some of my faves (the links are all included for your viewing pleasure), and please feel free to leave a note at the bottom sharing some of YOUR favorite things with me to explore.

So here we go, my (current) Top 10 FAVES:

Michelle Lynne 2014 June Faves

A.  My Newton running shoes.   I just started running this year AND I am still alive and enjoying it.  Nobody is more shocked by my sudden passion for hitting the pavement than me, but part of what has helped me along, are these fantastic shoes.  They aren’t for everybody, but they definitely work for me.

B. Origins Ginger Souffle.  Actually Origins Ginger ANYTHING.  Talk about a heavenly scent.  Perfect for summertime.

C. Kate Spade Martine Wellesley Tote.  Okay, so this is a photo of mine, which is a season or two old, so it’s not actually on the website, but you know Kate has some awesome products nonetheless.  What I love about this beauty, is the happy color AND the size.   It’s PINK without being too bubble gum-like and it is big enough to carry my iPad, books, or even file folders…so in a sense it’s “glamorously functional”.  I practice what I preach, folks.

D. FitBit Flex.  These little bracelets aren’t Haute Couture but they do come in a variety of colors, so I can mix it up to at least coordinate with my outfit for the day.  What is so cool about it, is that it tracks your steps, syncs with apps like My Fitness Pal, Run Tracker, AND it even tracks your sleep patterns.  Basically it’s a health reminder on my wrist.

E. Ergo Soy Candle.  So this company makes a variety of lines that are all ridiculously delicious.  Right now, I’m digging the Enlighten Collection, and am burning the “Exhale” fragrance.  While I love the yummy smells they produce, I also really love the fact that they use 100% American materials, the wax is chemical free, and they don’t burn with the black soot-like smoke or residue that non-soy candles do.

F. Peet’s Coffee (House Blend).  Peet’s is actually the pre-cursor to Starbucks and I love the balanced, rich flavor of their House Blend.  They did it right the first time, in my opinion.  I personally drink my coffee super strong, thanks to my Daddy, he taught me the art of drinking what we call “mud” it is so strong.  Yum.  I think I want some now.

G. Once Again Organic Cashew Butter.  OMG this stuff is so delicious.  And while the link takes you to buying this in 6 jars or more, I generally get it from Sprouts, but am sure you can find it in a natural food store closer to you (their site has a retail locator button).  Why do I love this product? It’s rich, creamy, and nutritious.  And I just had a flash of brilliance and that I could make this in my Vitamix too…hmmm…weekend menu ideas.  I don’t know if I can wait that long.  I think I need some now.  With coffee.  YUM.

H. L’Occitane Shea Butter Hand Cream.  I butcher the pronounciation every time I try to share the product with my friends, so you’re welcome that it’s typed and not spoken.  My accountant, Mary, gives this to me every year at Christmas, and I keep it my my keyboard to apply when my hands are feeling a little dry.  It’s creamy without being sticky, and smells delicious .

I. MAC Studio Fix.  My sweet friend, Rejoy, of Rejoy Interiors introduced me to this miraculous make-up shortly after we graduated college.  I won’t tell you how long ago that was, but I’ve been wearing it ever since.  This powder is a one-step miracle make-up that I wear every day. Seriously, go try it at the make up counter this weekend.  You’ll thank me.

J. Facebook. Yep.  I am probably addicted to this social media platform.   I especially love keeping up with my friends and family that I don’t get to see as often as I would like.  I wish my sister-in-law would post more photos of my sweet nephew in California, but I’ll take what I can get. The link here will take you to my business page, which shares some day to day insight to what we do at work and pretty pictures.

I’m outta here.  I need some coffee and cashew butter on toast (Ezekiel bread – another fave, but I was running out of room).

And what about you?  Is anything on my list also on yours?  Let me know below!

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