Living By Design – Monday Motivation (Sep 8)

Living By Design really caught up with me recently, so today’s Monday Motivation post is personal. It’s about healthy living and being intentional regarding your health.

Somewhere in December last year, I got the crazy idea to train for a half marathon. I wanted to lose some weight and thought the goal of a race would be motivating, while also providing the exercise needed to drop the aforementioned pounds. I successfully completed two half-marathons by mid April, and then got really crazy and decided to do a full marathon before the end of the year. I have been trying to train regularly, but this Texas heat hasn’t been the best for my consistency. Nonetheless, I thought I was doing well. Until my chiropractor told me that the running wasn’t doing my any favors: my spine is taking a beating. I already have an extra vertebrae and hence, a curve. But this thirty five extra pounds that I’m still carrying around? When combined with the repetitive pounding, well, it’s not helping. It’s hurting me.

Michelle Lynne Half Marathon

This is me moments prior to the finish line. And yes, I did wear a tiara to complete my second half marathon. It was a team thing: Texans In Tiaras.

So what to do? I enlisted a wellness coach to help get this weight off from the INSIDE. I have been struggling for the past 5 or so years and have tried everything from prescription diet pills, a nutritionist, boot camp, hot yoga, to this running thing. I have known something isn’t quite right within, because nothing has had a consistent impact on the fat my body is clinging to like a dog with a bone. It is not vanity that is driving me – well, not completely – it is that I KNOW that I am not at my healthiest, no matter my efforts. And yes, it is frustrating when my clothes don’t fit.

Exercise for life

So what has this wellness coach done? He took a lot of blood and found a few indicators that point to why my body is clinging to the fat. First directive: one hour a day WALKING, heart rate between 120-125, before breakfast, seven days a week. Forever. That means for life. Literally. I’m exercising FOR.MY.LIFE. And I will do so with the intent of living a long and healthy life. I’m kinda stubborn that way.

Food Medicine

I am also adding more vegetables to my meals. Some supplements too, for nutrients that can’t be met with food alone. My lipid levels were off the charts, so my grains are gone – possibly forever – my body just doesn’t process them well. My measurable testosterone was below zero, so I’ve got a weekly injection. Let’s hope I don’t grow a mustache. Good news? Doc did not nix the coffee or red wine. Whoopee!

Exercise AwesomeSo how is this post motivating? It’s because daily exercise and healthy eating DOES lead to increased awesomeness. We all know this, but it’s also important that you are proactive in your own health. Listen to your body. If you’re tired, get some rest. If you are carrying extra weight, keep searching for the solution that works for you. Those darned miracle foods and fad diets you read about are not about anything more than selling magazines and books. And no matter what, keep moving. You are worth the effort. 

Exercise for ME

I am not sure if I’ll have the time or energy to keep training for my marathon, but I do have hope that my overall health will be moving in the right direction. And if I’m never a size 4 again? That’s fine. So long as my monthly visits with my wellness coach show that my overall health is moving in the right direction. That’s the best I can ask for from myself right now.

What about you? What are you doing to increase your awesomeness?

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