FALLing for Curb Appeal

Make sure your listings make people FALL in love with their new home.  Too many “fall” puns for ya?  Ok, I’m done.  But seriously, look at some of my faves from Pinterest:











Actually if you are selling make sure the front is not TOO cluttered with fall items, but these beauties just make me want to go bake a pie! (or maybe not)

Here are 5 EASY, and FAST {if you hire someone ;) }  things you can do to spruce your home’s curb appeal, to get the most viewings this season!

  1. Check and have a contractor fix any cement cracks.  Cracks in anything will scare potiential buyers!
  2. Powerwash walks, brick and siding, and have windows cleaned (at least front, side as well if corner lot)
  3. Trim all hedges, pull any weeds (or dead things), and have lawn cut once a week.
  4. Clear beds and put in fresh mulch. My personal favorite is black!  This makes the property look well maintained and the colors really POP against the dark.
  5. Frame the door by adding 2 pots on both sides, and add some color!  My personal favorite for fall; orange mums.  Make sure if the patio is too small, to place these on the OUTSIDE of the patio to make the area appear larger.