FALLing for Curb Appeal

Make sure your listings make people FALL in love with their new home.  Too many “fall” puns for ya?  Ok, I’m done.  But seriously, look at some of my faves from Pinterest:











Actually if you are selling make sure the front is not TOO cluttered with fall items, but these beauties just make me want to go bake a pie! (or maybe not)

Here are 5 EASY, and FAST {if you hire someone ;) }  things you can do to spruce your home’s curb appeal, to get the most viewings this season!

  1. Check and have a contractor fix any cement cracks.  Cracks in anything will scare potiential buyers!
  2. Powerwash walks, brick and siding, and have windows cleaned (at least front, side as well if corner lot)
  3. Trim all hedges, pull any weeds (or dead things), and have lawn cut once a week.
  4. Clear beds and put in fresh mulch. My personal favorite is black!  This makes the property look well maintained and the colors really POP against the dark.
  5. Frame the door by adding 2 pots on both sides, and add some color!  My personal favorite for fall; orange mums.  Make sure if the patio is too small, to place these on the OUTSIDE of the patio to make the area appear larger.   







Holiday Decor Lifts Your Spirit!

Ever walked into a home that was exquisitely decorated for the holidays and felt immediately envious (even if it was just for a second)? Ever wanted your home to look just like that? Ever wished you had the time or the talent to do it yourself?

Decorating for the holidays lifts your spirits in more ways than one. Decorations bring about feelings of nostalgia, warmth, love, happiness, and the list goes on. When you open your front door, wouldnʼt you want to feel these feelings as well as all who entered your home? If so, then choose to start with this holiday season. Now is a great time hire professionals to get the look you desire, and to add a special flare with the tiniest details.

Itʼs the details that do-it-yourselfers often get hung up on. The details, frankly, can drive you CRAZY! You can spend way too much time wondering which items to buy, how to put them together, and if the finished product looks the way you intended. Many times people have too many items; and other times, they donʼt have enough, which both situations can make your holiday decor fizzle rather than pop! But, itʼs the little details that make homes homier during the holidays.

Ok, let me let you in on a little secret! What many people donʼt tell you is that they donʼt decorate their homes themselves! Instead, they hire professionals to decorate for them. By far this is the easiest option. They know itʼs easier to put holiday design in the hands of professionals than to actually decorate themselves. Thatʼs one less thing to handle during the holidays, which is typically filled with errands, shopping, traveling and entertaining. With all of this going on, there is little time to devote to the details.

Holiday decor lifts the spirits of all who see its splendor. So, take the time now to make your home beautiful. Donʼt fear decorating. Start small. Or, hire professionals to add that oomph to your holiday decor!


I just love a well decorated banister – it makes the trip up and down the stairway a little more festive, but especially the trip DOWN the stairs on Christmas morning!  Hmmm…maybe a trip down some well decorated stairs to the Christmas tree is what inspired the song “Stairway To Heaven?”

Here are a few selections of banisters we have decorated in years past:

Christmas Stairs

Holiday Decorating

Banister Decorated

Stairwell Decorating for Holiday


I just love that little elf peeking out from the greenery on the banister, he looks like he has a good secret.

What do you do with your banisters for the holidays?



 It is that time of year again!   

Shopping…family…parties…shopping…in-laws…cooking…parties…shopping…more cooking…parties…more family….YIKES!

Christmas Holiday Decorating


Let us help lessen your stressin’ and make your home look like a holiday dream!  Our team of designers can do as much or as little as you would like in order to get your home ready for the holidays.

We can shop ’till we drop for your Christmas tree, ornaments, lights and other festive decor and create a winter wonderland filled with festive ideas and goodies to delight you.


We can use your existing tree, ornaments, lights and festive decorations to create a designer holiday setting for you to celebrate the season with your loved ones.






After all, Santa has HIS elves…


why shouldn’t you?





Rates begin at $150 per hour for two designers.



Thanks, Dads!


So what does celebrating Father’s Day have to do with design or anything related to interiors?  After all, Dad usually has the majority of influence outside of the main living area – you know, the grill, the garage, the uh, what else?  In my house, the hubs definitely has an opinion (but that is a WHOLE ‘nother blog post) but I’m still “in charge” of the interior.  Thankfully too, since I’m a professional.  haha.  Back to my point:  in honor of Father’s Day, I’m reminiscing of growing up with two amazing fathers and how they both influenced me in relation to my business as well as my style for decorating & maintaining a household.
First there is my “real” dad, aka Daddy.  He has a military background and is very (very) organized.  One of my earliest memories is him telling my brother & I “we have rules”…whether it be how the bathroom towels were folded and put away (even though it was my mom who did the laundry?) to where the tub of margarine went in the refrigerator and so forth.  His garage is always organized immaculately, and you never have to search for anything – everything was and is always put away where it belongs.  So Daddy definitely influenced my Type A-ness and I both love & curse him for that.  I love love love for everything to have it’s place, and for everything to be in it’s place in my home.  It just takes me to my happy place.  BUT I’ve had to tone done that not-always-attractive-personality-trait a little bit since getting married myself…I don’t want to be a naaaaaag and the hubs didn’t grow up in a house with the same “rules”.  Although he does admit that it’s been nice to be able to find his keys, wallet, and pocket change since I installed a sort of basecamp slash charging station close to the door for him….
And then there is my second (step) dad, aka Tommy.  He & my mom got married just before I went into high school so he was around for my let’s-push-the-limits-and-see-what-I-can-get-away-with phase.  Lucky him, huh?  hee hee!  Well, he was in law enforcement (lucky me, right? OY) and was quite unflappable and of course, always had Command Presence (if you’re not sure what that is, click HERE for a good description).  He was so calm, in fact, that he had to teach me how to drive instead of my mom, because I made her such a nervous wreck behind the wheel.  Sorry Mom!  Tommy not only taught me how to drive, but he also taught me to maintain a level head in the midst of chaos.  This is definitely helpful with staging because something ALWAYS goes wrong with an installation.  But when the unpredictable happens, I just remind myself and my staff that “we’re just working in the living room…not the emergency room…nobody is going to die on our project”.  That keeps things in perspective, don’t you think?  Tommy taught me that even if something IS out of place at home (ahem, refer to my Type A-ness in the aforementioned paragraph) to keep it in perspective and peacefully live with it – at least until I have the chance to get it back into place.  It’s all about balance, people.
So thanks to both of my dads.  I’m blessed to have been loved & raised by two amazing men who influenced me in more ways than I could ever include in this little ol’ blog.  But my heart is filled with love for them every day, and especially this Sunday.  BIG BIG HUGS!
This is the three of us together before they walked me down the aisle a few years ago.  
Hmmm…does anybody else notice that they aren’t wearing the same tie?  I don’t remember that.  You know mis-matched ties is enough to make a Type A girl crazy.  But not this girl.  Thanks, Dads!

This Christmas….


This Christmas mend a quarrel.
          Seek out a forgotten friend.
                    Write a love letter. 
                             Share some treasure. 
                                        Give a soft answer. 
                                                  Encourage youth. 
                                                              Keep a promise. 
                                                                           Find the time.
                                                                                     Forgive an enemy.
                                                             Apologize if you were wrong.
                                              Think first of someone else.
                                Be kind and gentle.
                                                   Laugh a little.
                                                                   Laugh a little more.
                                                                                  Express your gratitude.
                                                  Gladden the heart of a child.
                        Take pleasure in the beauty and wonder of the earth.
              Speak your love. 
                                      Speak it again.
                                                          Speak it still once again.
                           – Anonymous

>All I Want For Christmas….


1154 Lill
Isabel Set
Love this place — you can custom design your handbags!
This coordinates with one I already have….
There is a Dallas area rep who can come to you (she is fabulous).
Let me know if you want her contact info.
Fossil Stella Watch
I’m not a high maintenance gal…I don’t need a fancy watch.
I like having variety and I think this will be easy to wear.
Plus, I’m hard on watches — it’s amazing how much physical labor is involved in staging!
iPad Case
I don’t even have an iPad (yet) but looooove these cases.
I think I like the zebra best.
What do you think?
The Happiness Project
I love this idea.
It looks like a version of Eat Pray Love but applicable to everybody and not just Julia Roberts.



Mom…is that you???


Yay!  It’s not just my mom who reads these posts!  I woke up this morning to an email from a blog reader sharing HER holiday tablescape.  I’m so excited that I wanted to share it with you.  Here is what Danielle said:  
I saw your post about your table and you had asked what others did…not sure if that was rhetorical :) but I thought I would share my dining room centerpiece for Thanksgiving and one of my Christmas centerpieces. I only share because I am so cheap and make a lot of my own stuff. The Thanksgiving centerpiece was super easy and cheap. I found the candelabra at Kirklands for $10 (tossed back on the clearance rack and a little bruised)… didn’t like the way it looked completely so I went and bought the candles I liked and the fake floral from garden ridge. Total price $30! Same with the Christmas centerpiece…didn’t like it completely so I added my own stuff I found cheap! THe only thing the wreath had on it originally was the poinsettia flowers and the pine cones. I love decorating on the cheap!!!!!!!!

Danielle, you made my day!  Thanks for sending me the email with these photos of your lovely creations.  You continue to prove that with a little creativity, beautiful decor does not have to be expensive.
…AND you also proved that more than just my mom reads my little ol’ blog because I hope that someday this blog is going to grow up and be like Cote de Texas.  WOO HOO!

Gobble Till Ya Wobble!


Whew!  What a holiday whirlwind we had!  Turkey.  Family.  Pie.  More Turkey.  More family.  Yes, please to more pie too….
We didn’t host Thanksgiving this year (thank you to my sister in law who did!) but we did have Sunday brunch at our place.  If you saw THIS post last week with ideas for centerpieces, I had a couple that I wanted to do, but in between baking 4 pies, a pumpkin cheesecake, holiday dressing and then brunch for more than a dozen people, time was hard to find.  So we pushed together two tables, grabbed a few candlesticks from from my staging inventory (a definite bonus to my job!) and took the decorative gourds I bought around Halloween and tried to make them look pretty:
Not bad, eh?  The rest of the foofie stuff is random potpourri (so old it doesn’t smell anymore), jeweled fruit, a gold ribbon and a couple of decorative gold spheres (also from my staging inventory).
As for the rest of the table, it was looooow maintenance.  I tied the napkins with pieces of a ribbon I think was tied around a Pottery Barn gift I received last year (because I couldn’t find my raffia) and stuck them all in a silverware caddy with the silverware for everybody to grab on their own after filling their plates.  
What did you do for your holiday table???

Autumn Decorating Made Easy


Look What the Cat Dog Dragged In

Admittedly, my little dog needs to go to the “spa” and get a good groom this week, he IS a little furry:
Snoozing peacefully.

Look at what came in with him this morning when he went outside and ran around our back yard:

Leaves – a LOT of them!  And a stick (?!).
A closer look.
Seriously…how could such a little critter (he’s only 5 pounds) drag in such a MESS?  I picked these all up off the floor and out of his fur when he came in.  And since I was running late, I looked for the closest thing to put them in so I didn’t come home to a mess.
A glass vase I had yet to put away was conveniently on the kitchen counter.
Sometimes procrastination comes in handy.  This glass vase I my husband (let’s give credit where credit is due) had just taken out of the dishwasher last night was still sitting on the counter and looked like a convenient receptacle for the excess foliage.  I thought it looked kind of pretty so the biger leaves I had brought in from our front yard to put it on a plate with my gourds & candles came in handy to top off this super easy autumn “decor”.
So is it high design?  Absolutely not…but it was an easy way to bring some autumn color into the corner of our kitchen while cleaning up the mess the dog dragged in AND also saving me from having to put away the vase….  Efficiently lazy?  Yep.  But I was running late.