Organizing Countertop Makeup

 I was working on the master suite of one of my redesign clients a couple of months back and noticed that the convenience of her makeup on the bathroom countertop was creating some visual clutter in the space so I decided to organize it so that it was still functional while also being aesthetically pleasing.  This is a combo that makes my OCD and my pragmatic nature very very happy. 

Below you’ll see what I saw.  It’s your typical acrylic makeup holder that you can buy at any corner drugstore.  Yes, it’s FUNCTIONAL but it hurts my head to look at it, especially as we’re rocking the design in her master suite to read with a five star hotel vibe.  This isn’t cutting it.

Makeup Organization BEFORE



An easy solution for your makeup brushes and other cylindrical beauty items?  A short vase filled with coffee beans.  Notice we’ve got the brushes, eyeliner, mascara, lipliner AND her foundation submerged into the coffee beans…which gives off a lovely aroma whenever they are mixed about.  And the tweezers are perched on the outside lip of the vase so they don’t drown in the beans.  I purchased a lovely mirrored box and put the rest of the items in there, and while it’s difficult to see the interior, there is PLENTY of space for her items.  Yes, they are neatly arranged for the moment, but they would all still be very accessible when rushed and things get tossed and scattered.  I shot these pics with my iPhone and can’t find the photo with the box closed and the countertop nice and tidy, but we’re coming to the close of the project and will have some professional shots to display soon.  Stay tuned….




I enlist a similar organizational tactic at my house…granted I have a LOT of makeup (especially lip sticks & lip glosses!) so I have to keep my “daily favorites” in the countertop access.  My not-every-day items are stored in the drawers and cabinets below and out of sight until it’s time to go glam.  What do you think?  Need help organizing your daily task items so you’re not stressed out by the visual clutter?  We can help!

Organizing a Move-PRINTABLE

Ok, so whether you’re a home owner selling your home, or a realtor walking your home owner through each step, moving can be STRESSFUL!  However I’ve done all of us a favor, searched Pinterest for hours, and found a printable that takes some of the edge off! hahaha Plus, I LOVE organizing sheets like these that are absolutely FREE!! (except for a couple sheets of paper & some ink) ;)

Speacial thanks to, we have a moving calendar, packing supply list, moving prep list, box categories and count sheet, recommended packing order, checklists for moving day, and more!  Great for yourself or others, share the love!

Check it out here –> Printable – Moving Planner!!!

Are you using this for yourself? Your clients? Let us know!!

Thanks, Dads!


So what does celebrating Father’s Day have to do with design or anything related to interiors?  After all, Dad usually has the majority of influence outside of the main living area – you know, the grill, the garage, the uh, what else?  In my house, the hubs definitely has an opinion (but that is a WHOLE ‘nother blog post) but I’m still “in charge” of the interior.  Thankfully too, since I’m a professional.  haha.  Back to my point:  in honor of Father’s Day, I’m reminiscing of growing up with two amazing fathers and how they both influenced me in relation to my business as well as my style for decorating & maintaining a household.
First there is my “real” dad, aka Daddy.  He has a military background and is very (very) organized.  One of my earliest memories is him telling my brother & I “we have rules”…whether it be how the bathroom towels were folded and put away (even though it was my mom who did the laundry?) to where the tub of margarine went in the refrigerator and so forth.  His garage is always organized immaculately, and you never have to search for anything – everything was and is always put away where it belongs.  So Daddy definitely influenced my Type A-ness and I both love & curse him for that.  I love love love for everything to have it’s place, and for everything to be in it’s place in my home.  It just takes me to my happy place.  BUT I’ve had to tone done that not-always-attractive-personality-trait a little bit since getting married myself…I don’t want to be a naaaaaag and the hubs didn’t grow up in a house with the same “rules”.  Although he does admit that it’s been nice to be able to find his keys, wallet, and pocket change since I installed a sort of basecamp slash charging station close to the door for him….
And then there is my second (step) dad, aka Tommy.  He & my mom got married just before I went into high school so he was around for my let’s-push-the-limits-and-see-what-I-can-get-away-with phase.  Lucky him, huh?  hee hee!  Well, he was in law enforcement (lucky me, right? OY) and was quite unflappable and of course, always had Command Presence (if you’re not sure what that is, click HERE for a good description).  He was so calm, in fact, that he had to teach me how to drive instead of my mom, because I made her such a nervous wreck behind the wheel.  Sorry Mom!  Tommy not only taught me how to drive, but he also taught me to maintain a level head in the midst of chaos.  This is definitely helpful with staging because something ALWAYS goes wrong with an installation.  But when the unpredictable happens, I just remind myself and my staff that “we’re just working in the living room…not the emergency room…nobody is going to die on our project”.  That keeps things in perspective, don’t you think?  Tommy taught me that even if something IS out of place at home (ahem, refer to my Type A-ness in the aforementioned paragraph) to keep it in perspective and peacefully live with it – at least until I have the chance to get it back into place.  It’s all about balance, people.
So thanks to both of my dads.  I’m blessed to have been loved & raised by two amazing men who influenced me in more ways than I could ever include in this little ol’ blog.  But my heart is filled with love for them every day, and especially this Sunday.  BIG BIG HUGS!
This is the three of us together before they walked me down the aisle a few years ago.  
Hmmm…does anybody else notice that they aren’t wearing the same tie?  I don’t remember that.  You know mis-matched ties is enough to make a Type A girl crazy.  But not this girl.  Thanks, Dads!

Less is Best


Clutter must go!  Not only does it make your house feel small but it also makes it very unappealing.  Additionally, clutter gives a prospective buyer  a lost visual of the home.  Decluttering is simply by removing, storing unnecessary decor, organizing closests, removing small knick knacks, and eleminating furniture.  Although you may not have the view of a ready-to-sale decor home, a stager can help find the clutter in your home.  No worries, this doesn’t mean that you have to buy or rent new furniture or accessories, it simply means getting rid of far more in your home than bringing on to properly stage your home to sell. 
Remember….clear the clutter and refresh your home!  Home staging can come in and work with the flow of your home and eleminate clutter so you can move on to your next chapter.
Davis Dialogues

>Create Office Bliss


Do you walk into your office, whether it be in your home or in an office building, and instantly feel overwhelmed with clutter and mess?! 
Are you constantly searching for something and using up precious time??!!

 Are you tired of feeling like nothing gets done because there is so much stacked up in piles on your desk?!!!!!! 
Well folks, have no fear. For just one LOW LOW price of $19.95 YOU TOO can have an organized desk with the Desk Mate 3000…. 
HA! I really was starting to sound like an infomercial there huh? Ok, so I can’t sell you a magic machine to organize your office space, but I can help you spend your time wisely to get organized and stay that way.

In my last post I talked about what financial information you should keep and for how long you should hold onto it. I also helped you set up an easy filing system in your cabinet. Now let us tackle the rest of your office. First, let’s get three large bins and label them Keep, Trash, and Maybe. We want to keep the Maybe bin pretty empty and reserve only for things we’re not sure if we can get rid of or not sure of where to keep it. We will organize that bin last. Also, if you work out of your home, you might want to create a fourth bin labeled, Not Office, for the things that really shouldn’t be in your office. We want to create this bin so that you aren’t constantly leaving your office during clean up to put these things away and take you away from the task at hand.

Ok, READY??!! Deep breath……let’s go!

Sit at your desk and start going through the things that are within reaching distance. Whether it’s paperwork, folders, trash, or office supplies, start sorting. Try and not spend too much time on any one item – we want to quickly make the decision which bin it goes into, otherwise this project could take too long, overwhelm you more, and then possibly stop you from finishing. Work your way to the edges of your desk and then to any other open surfaces in your office. We want to get all the visual spaces cleaned off first so you can see the headway you are making and keep you going.

Once you get all the open surfaces cleaned off, make your way to the drawers at your desk. Clean out all those pens that don’t work anymore, candy that is a year old, marketing toys that take up space, or that random ketchup packet that looks 10 years old. DON’T try and organize each drawer right now, just continue with the bins. We will go back and organize each drawer when we are done sorting. If you have a drawer with files in it, quickly look at each file, decide whether or not to keep the file as a whole, and then go through the file itself. KEEP SORTING!!!! Make your way to your bookshelf if you have one. Books are always hard to get rid of so let’s just worry about any random papers or other items that have been stacked in this space. We don’t necessarily have to get rid of any books if you have the space, but we will go back and organize them.

OK…. all visual space and drawers sorted??!!! Now onto part 2!

First, let’s go ahead and tackle the trash bin since it is the easiest. Get it OUT OF THERE!!!!! WOW…doesn’t that feel good??!! Also, the bin for those of us that work from the house labeled Not Office, go ahead and put that outside your office but don’t start putting all of it away, just get it out of your office to clear up floor space. LOOKIE THERE….now you just have two bins to organize!

Second, let’s tackle the office supplies. Gather up all your pens, pencils, or any other writing utensil and put them all in one place. It can be a container in a drawer or a holder on your desk. I would also think about getting something that can hold pens and other supplies like paper clips, thumbtacks, staples, rubber bands, scissors, or any other loose supplies you have so that they don’t end up in another mess. Containers that hold multiple things are usually better stored in a drawer. PLUS, we want to keep your desk space as open as we can! Also, keep essential items only on your desk. Think about what you use the most and keep it within reaching distance. Place all other office supplies in a drawer or on top of another work space. (This would be a good time to find a home for that random 3 hole punch, stamps and stamp pads, and maybe that hardly ever used pencil sharpener) Pictures are a great thing to have in your office if in moderation, and only in spaces that you don’t use for actual work – like the corners of your desk or on a bookshelf in front of rarely used books. Finish organizing your drawers that contain personal items or other non-work related items. Leave the filing drawers for the next step.

Third, and probably the most important – organizing the paperwork. Before we tackle that, let’s make some files to keep on your desk to help you stay organized. I’m not a big fan of bins simply because the papers at the bottom end up staying there forever and never get looked at again… well, at least until you muster up the energy to organize again!!! Let’s create files that are labeled To Do, File Me, Pending, and Incoming/Unopened. These files will help you stay more organized and keep piles from being created in your workspace. DON’T EVER let these desk files get too full, otherwise you will have to spend more time on each file than what is needed. Also, create files that you know will be used that can hang inside your drawer. For example, someone in sales will create a file(s) for marketing pieces, client(s), or industry related materials.

Ok now, off you go – Sort all that paperwork you kept!!!!!!!!

WOW WEE!!!! Look at you go!!!!

Are you feeling better now? DO YOU SEE all your hard work paying off??!!!! There are only two things left to tackle and that is your bookshelf if you have one, and your Maybe bin. Let’s start with the bookshelf. You can go one of two ways. One way – just get books standing up in the shelves and leave it at that, OR you could organize your books according to subject/relevance and/or size. Either way, you will create a better looking bookshelf than what it was before. Any empty space could always be left open for more books or filled with your pictures, awards, or those awesome office trinkets.
Now on to what I think is the hardest part – the Maybe bin. These are the things that you weren’t sure whether you should keep or not. My best advice – keep and file the papers that you could see yourself needing in the next 6 months. The rest of the paperwork you could:
 1.) Create a file or a box and keep in drawer or storage space that isn’t used in your immediate workspace/office. 
2.) Scan and save it on your computer. 
3.) Trash it. 
This is your preference. As far as the other items that aren’t paperwork, use the same six month rule. Keep it if you will need it in the next 6 months and store it appropriately or get rid of it. 

Doesn’t that feel good!! Don’t you feel like you can now be more effective with your precious time??!!! I think now would be a great time to dig into that candy you have kept a steady supply of and reward yourself. Sit back, eat your candy, and look around at the wonderfully clean and organized office you just created. 

OH CRAP….that bin of non-office items is still in the hallway….Yeah, that can wait…….  ;-) 

Important Things Need Important Places


Well folks, I know you will all be excited and cheer loudly when you hear me say, “It’s TAX TIME again!!!”

Wait, what? Why do I only hear the sound of crickets??!! Is it because you dread giving more money to the government or maybe the fact that you have to find all those important documents you need to file your taxes??? AGAIN!

Don’t worry, I am not some quirky person with a huge desire to file my taxes every year either. I dread it just as much as everyone, but I do know that I try and make it easier on myself every year by keeping my paperwork filed and organized properly. Do you?

WHAT??? Crickets again??? Well, I am here to help! How about we go through what to keep, where to keep it, and how long to keep all this paperwork. Hopefully this will cut down on some tax time stress!!!

Let’s take a look at what paperwork you should keep and how long you need to hang onto it. Take a look at this list found on Bankrate:

Financial records timeline
Type of record
Length of time to keep, and why:


Canceled checks/receipts (alimony, charitable contributions, mortgage interest and retirement plan contributions)

Records for tax deductions taken

Seven years
  •          The IRS has three years from your filing date to audit your return if it suspects good-faith errors.
  •           The three-year deadline also applies if you discover a mistake in your return and decide to file an amended return to claim a refund.
  •           The IRS has six years to challenge your return if it thinks you underreported your gross income by 25 percent or more.
  •           There is no time limit if you failed to file your return or filed a fraudulent return.


IRA contribution records
If you made a nondeductible contribution to an IRA, keep the records indefinitely to prove that you already paid tax on this money when the time comes to withdraw.
Retirement/savings plan statements
From one year to permanently
  •           Keep the quarterly statements from your 401(k) or other plans until you receive the annual summary; if everything matches up, then shred the quarterlies.
  •           Keep the annual summaries until you retire or close the account.


Bank records
From one year to permanently
  •           Go through your checks each year and keep those related to your taxes, business expenses, home improvements and mortgage payments.
  •           Shred those that have no long-term importance.


Brokerage statements
Until you sell the securities
You need the purchase or sales slips from your brokerage or mutual fund to prove whether you have capital gains or losses at tax time.
From one year to permanently
  •           Go through your bills once a year.
  •          In most cases, when the canceled check from a paid bill has been returned, you can shred the bill.
  •           However, bills for big purchases — such as jewelry, rugs, appliances, antiques, cars, collectibles, furniture, computers, etc. — should be kept in an insurance file for proof of their value in the event of loss or damage.


Credit card receipts and statements
From 45 days to seven years
  •           Keep your original receipts until you get your monthly statement; shred the receipts if the two match up.
  •           Keep the statements for seven years if tax-related expenses are documented.


Paycheck stubs
One year
  •         When you receive your annual W-2 form from your employer, make sure the information on your stubs matches.
  •         If it does, shred the stubs. If it doesn’t, demand a corrected form, known as a W-2c.


House/condominium records
From six years to permanently
  •           Keep all records documenting the purchase price and the cost of all permanent improvements — such as remodeling, additions and installations.
  •           Keep records of expenses incurred in selling and buying the property, such as legal fees and your real estate agent’s commission, for six years after you sell your home.
  •           Holding on to these records is important because any improvements you make on your house, as well as expenses in selling it, are added to the original purchase price or cost basis. This adds up to a greater profit (also known as capital gains) when you sell your house. Therefore, you lower your capital gains tax



WOW – what a comprehensive list!! Now, I suggest that each one of these categories has its own file in a fireproof filing cabinet which can be found at any local office supply store. Organize your cabinet whichever way you like but keep it simple. The more simple it is kept, the easier it will be for you to keep it up all year long. I like to buy hanging file folders that allow for clear tabs all along the top so I can clearly see each file and what contents are inside. You could even get manila folders to sub categorize each hanging file folder. For example, say you had two credit cards: Mastercard and Visa. You could make a manila folder for each and place in the main hanging folder titled “Credit card receipts”. It is a personal preference, but the more organized, the easier.

We can take it a step further and organize a small, portable, fireproof box to hold important documents (or copies) in case of a fire or emergency. This should hold things like:

  • Birth/death certificates
  • Social security cards
  • Passports
  • Emergency contact information (Insurance agents, doctors, family)
  • Marriage certificates/divorce decrees
  • Wills
  • Copies of driver’s license, green card, or other identification cards
  • Copies of life saving prescriptions (like insulin, asthma inhalers, etc)
  • List of bank account and credit card account numbers
  • Inventory of household goods
Since these documents are pretty darn important, make sure you keep it somewhere it is easily accessed. 
So now that we are getting more organized for tax time, can I get a single “WOO HOO!”????
That’s better!

Clutter, Clutter Peanut Butter


Do you find yourself spending 5 minutes looking for your keys or sunglasses or, hey, “Where the heck is my wallet?!!” I have been there and I can bet you have too at one point. When this happens it makes me realize that it is high time I organize myself. In the last post we talked about smaller spaces and how to decorate to make it look bigger. Well, how about we talk about organizing those tight quarters!! There are a lot of ideas out there that can help you organize so I will pick through some of my favorite that are easy and inexpensive.
Let’s start with one of the most lived in rooms in any house: the kitchen. Quick question, do you have a drawer that houses all your serving spoons, spatulas, random cooking utensils? What about that ever so cluttered mess: the junk drawer?? Look at this idea that I LOVE LOVE LOVE:
You know those over the door shoe organizers? What a great idea to use it in the kitchen over the pantry door! Not only can you keep utensils organized but you can keep the similar ones together in one pocket. Now, if you really wanted to go down that super organized road, you could also label each pocket so that when they are washed and ready to put away, you can make sure they always find their correct home. This is such a great idea for all of you that are looking for great space making ideas in your cramped space. You could also use the pockets to stash those easy to grab snack packs for the kids. 
 Look at this other wonderful idea:
YAY!!!! The floating shelf is back!!! HEY, I can’t help that it is soooo helpful in every room. If you have a spare wall in your kitchen or even in your pantry, this is a great place to hang your aprons and store your cookbooks. Find some cute aprons and maybe a couple of matching towels to hang from the hooks, decorate the top of the shelf with your favorite cook books and hold them up with some decorative book ends and VOILA – instant decor with a functional purpose!
So we have looked at a couple of great kitchen organization ideas, let’s touch on one other part of the house that ALWAYS needs organizing – kid’s play area. All those little toys everywhere on the floor as if some toy tornado hit the house. Every mom can attest to that overwhelming feeling of never being able to give each and every toy a good, organized home. One idea that I love is using baskets or bins to keep similar toys together.  Like this:
You can use plastic bins, baskets, cloth bins, buckets and anything else that you can find. Another helpful idea is to label each bin like they did in this picture so that the kids can easily find the toys they are looking for. If they are too young to read, print out pictures of the toys and tag the bin with the picture. This will also help when it is time to clean up – thus eliminating any reason for the kids to give excuses on why they can’t help. “BUT MOOOooooommmmmm!!!”– Kiss that whiny statement goodbye!!! You can also create your own storage containers from empty coffee cans, jars, and gift boxes. They are great for holding art supplies. Wrap them in colorful paper to match the colors in the room or to give a little artsy flare like they did in this picture:
Well we have seen some great ideas that anyone can do to help organize the house but wait, did you ever find your keys or wallet? CRAP! Hey, you need this:
This helpful organizer can be put on any counter top or ledge and can keep all those easily lost items together. I love how they have printed out name tags for each slot so there REALLY isn’t any confusion. AND, this organizer is decorative and cute! This designer chose to use a wicker cutlery tray but you can use any storage container you choose. The key is to make it a habit to put all of your daily needed objects in here as soon as you walk in the door and MAKE SURE this container is near the door you always come in from. And hey, maybe now you won’t find your keys in the door on the OUTSIDE of the house…DOH!
So hopefully you can use some of these tips to organize your house. Now, if someone can only create something to help organize the rest of my craziness…….. :)

Santa has elves, and even THEY start preparing for Christmas early!


I know…it’s not even cool outside…HOW can we already be planning for the holidays?!  But pre-planning for your friends & family to visit will make the holidays THAT much less stressful.  
For example, if you are traveling to see friends or family, you should be coordinating your time off at work, booking your flights, renting a car now so that you’re not overpaying and ending up with the last available (Griswold’s) vehicle.
But if you are hosting the holidays this year, start getting your house ready now so you can enjoy November & December instead of working like a maniac to get the house ready for your guests (PLUS cooking AND shopping AND attending the social events that seem to multiply every year).  Here are a few tips to get started on outfitting a guest room:
    • If you have guests who will be staying with you for more than a night or two, be sure they have space to hang their clothes and put their luggage out of sight. 
    • If you have the space, get a small bureau or chest of drawers to put in the closet so the guest room (which is usually the smallest room in the house) feels more spacious. 
    • Any repairs that need to be done to the bathroom (whether it be a suite or down the hall) should be started now…just in case it turns into a bigger project.
    • Any drafts coming through the window now will be felt even more so when it gets cool.  Seal the windows from the cold.
    • Does the room need a ceiling fan?  A little circulation no matter what time of year keeps a room comfortable.
    • Squeaky hinges, noisy clocks, etc. are all easy fixes to do now.
  • Good time to update your decor
    • Many guest rooms are made up of “leftover decor”.  You know what I mean, don’t pretend you don’t:  Your old comforter set from the 1980′s…the big ol’ television you moved from the living room when you got the sleek, flat screen…the lamps your mother gave you to match the couch you had after you graduated college….
    • This is a great time to catch some end of summer or back to school sales and update your guest room to WELCOME your guests.  

Spring Fling!


Oh my…I have been so negligent with my blog postings this week!  I did get a couple of emails asking what the heck I’ve been up to and I must apologize – but I was pleasantly surprised that anybody was paying that close attention! 
Admittedly, I have been on a Spring Cleaning craze into the wee hours of the night and waking up early to accomplish some of the tasks I have assigned myself.  I think I’m about burnt out, but thought I’d share some tips with you for your (ha ha) fun & entertainment:
    • Storing winter clothes: 
      • Start by cleaning the items, it’s gross but there could be bug larvae in the fabric and they’ll come visit while in storage…enjoying the feast on your clothes.  Clean is definitely better.
      • Plastic containers are best suited for storage, and if you don’t mind the wrinkles, Space Bags rule (in my humble opinion).  I have used a combo of containers & bags…sweaters and comforters in the bags, clothing and shoes in the containers.  A little tip:  don’t suck out ALL of the air in the Space Bag and you don’t get the mega-wrinkle….  Some people don’t agree with storing  your clothes in air tight containers, but I’ve never had a problem…after all, it’s just for half a year.  If I was storing them for an extended period, I might do it differently. 
      • By the way, if you haven’t worn the item of clothing for the past 2 seasons, you probably won’t.  Give it to your local charity.  Excluding specialty items, of course (I still keep my ski sweater & pants even though I haven’t been skiing in I don’t know how long)…the key here is ensuring they still FIT!
    • Kitchen cleaning:
      • I’d be lying if I said I did all of it myself…I’m blessed to have somebody help me with my cleaning so the lovely Diana did the scrubbing, but I cleaned out the fridge, freezer and pantry.  Oh my…I found canned goods from the early 2000′s that I can’t believe I moved when my husband & I bought our house.  EW.
      • I did run the dishwasher empty…it’s great to freshen it with vinegar (or baking soda) and clean out the food trap at the bottom.
      • Clean the silverware drawer & the organizer…check yours out and you’ll know I’m right. 
    • Living room:
Our coffee table has an inserted glass top and it is a MUST to lift it at least once a year to clean out the build up between the glass and the table itself.  This isn’t my living room, but it is my coffee table so you can see how it could get kind of gross if it wasn’t maintained:
  • What do you have in your house that could use a little extra attention?  How about your ceiling fans?  Yep.  Turn them off and check them out…or avoid turning them on before cleaning so you don’t have any chunks of dust flying through the air.  I used some Murphy’s Oil Soap on the blades and then took the light fixtures down and washed them.  (I think I looked younger AND prettier in the room afterwards in that clean light!) 
  • Take the cushions off of the couch and vacuum inside…who knows what you might find in that abyss?  If you have some small stains, try an upholstery cleaner (test it on a hidden area).  I just used the long attachment on the vacuum and went to town.  My husband’s “side” of the couch had some unidentified particles which I am not acknowledging…but did inspire me to make a cocktail and stop the craze for the evening!

Container Store LOVE


I went to Container Store today and I must say that as soon as I walked in, it was like a tide of calmness enveloped me.  I wasn’t worried about the grocery list, the unfolded laundry, the fact that my car needed the oil changed about 200 miles ago or anything else…it.was.utter.peace.  
I am going to start working on a pantry project this week so I went to get some preliminary supplies.  Here is what we are starting with…does it look familiar?  Most people have a closet / pantry / cabinet / garage that has just gotten a little busy:
This particular pantry has food items as well as liquor and some miscellaneous dinnerware, serving pieces, vases and such…..
Once we get a handle on how the client wants to use the space, we’ll take everything out, purge and categorize what is going to go back in.  As I mentioned, I picked up a few of my favorite things as preliminary supplies for the project at (insert the sound of angels singing) Container Store to start with.  Take a look at these babies and tell me they aren’t cool:
Under cabinet shelf.
Double shelf
Stemware storage.  
Aaaah…can’t you just FEEL the organization of the pantry coming together?  Does the thought of completion give you goosebumps too?  Or am I just a little weird that way?  Oh well, somebody has to do it and it might as well be me.  Call if you need help!