New Office Journal: DIY Gold Display Shelving

When I first started the idea of my new office / studio space, I started collecting ideas on THIS Pinterest board and these shelves were one of the original pins. You can tell because it’s towards the very bottom of the brainstorming board. I just loved the functional glamour these shelves offered.Inspiration Shelving

Coincidentally, we had some similar shaped shelves from Ikea that we had purchased for the office a few years back. Here is a photo of them as we were moving and packing for the recent move:

Ikea shelves ready for painting

The Vittsjo Shelving Unit can be seen on the Ikea website HERE.

Lori had independently come across the same pin and sent it to me (she knows me so well!) as an idea to use our shelves and a little bit of spray paint. Here is a single shelf painted and installed in the new design studio.Some shelving with a little spray paint goes a long way.

And here is twice the beauty!

Double the gorgeous! Spray painted Ikea shelves. GOLD!

I may replace the bottom shelf with a mirror, but for now, the solid shelf is in place. We have styled the shelving a bit more since this photo was taken so I’ll post an updated version soon. But for now, you get the idea.

Isn’t the transformation amazing? Here is the D-I-Y breakdown:

  1. Remove all of the shelving and set aside.
  2. Use fine grit sandpaper to gently rough up the metal.
  3. Wipe off the residue of the sanding.
  4. Spray with Kiehl’s primer. I did a single coat and while it was not 100% solid, it did cover the metal fairly well.
  5. Spray the primed metal with the gold spray paint of your choice. I used Rust-Oleum Metallic in Gold. I used about a can and a half on each shelf.
  6. Let dry.
  7. Replace shelves.
  8. Drool over how gorgeous they are.

And seriously, I am NOT a D-I-Y person. I almost always pay somebody for what I want. But this was a no-brainer. Even if it didn’t work, the investment was so nominal I was willing to give it a try.

I love them in our studio! They are up front in our “living room” and are just a great focal point. Stay tuned. I will have more photos – and once everything is installed, I will be having Lance photograph it with his fancy camera.

What do you think? Do you have a favorite D-I-Y project? I would love to hear about it in the comments!



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