Meeeeecox Gardens


Have you ever walked into a store where you just feel like a kid at Disneyland?  Admittedly, I feel that way at Dallas Design Center, but I have also re-discovered Mecox Gardens and it’s like a smaller version of Disneyland…not quite so overwhelming to leave you wondering if you’ll be able to enjoy everything in a day or if you need to get a hotel room and wake up early the next morning to keep riding the rides, enjoying the yummy treats, and shopping for unnecessary trinkets…but I digress!  Let’s get back on track:
MECOX GARDENS is a little treasureland with delightful furniture and accessories for those with taste & style.  You can find antiques, reproductions and everything in between, including uniquely Mecox designs…original and super cool – always.  Each location has a personality that reflects the city it lives in; our Dallas store has a little more “twang” than say, the laid back West Coast Los Angeles location, and it’s definitely not as edgy as the NYC shop.  But that doesn’t mean you can’t get something edgy to go in your Dallas home…because Mecox has their catalog on line!!!  Yes, my mini “Disneyland” is now virtual!!!!  Check out these fab finds:
DESCRIPTION:Large Three Panel Antiqued Mirror Screen with Inset Metal Frame and Center Circle Motiff
Mahogany Wood/Antiqued Mirror
Hand-rubbed Black Finish
90″ W X 2″ D X 90″ H

DESCRIPTION:King Chandler Bed
Weathered French Grey Finish
Ribbon Trim without Welt
COM Available, other Finishes and Fabrics Available to Order.
Can be ordered with Headboard only.
Can be ordered with Slipcover only
DESCRIPTION:Fortune Teller Crystal Ball Sconce
Holds two 60W “A” lamp bulbs
Polished stainless steel finish with 2 loose crystal balls that rest on mounts. Silk Shade.

Antique Red Lacquered Chinese Buffet with with Two Top Drawers and Two Doors
Shanxi Region (Matching Pair Available)

I had to throw something with color in for this last picture because I was being hypnotized by the serene bedroom I was subconsciously creating….  Seriously though, check ‘em out.  Mecox has locations in Chicago, Los Angeles, Palm Beach, Southampton, Dallas, Houston, New York City and East Hampton…and of course, click HERE to visit their online “location”.   Enjoy!

Woot Woot!


I love a good deal.  Don’t we all?!  But I mean it really makes me happy when I find something I was looking for at half the price of what I expected to pay…and I really love when I find something I didn’t even know I needed and it’s a good price.  
My assistant turned me on to what is now one of my favorite places to “hunt”:  If you haven’t checked this site out, let me have the pleasure of introducing you:  Not only is there the original WOOT, but there is also KIDS.WOOT, SHIRT.WOOT, SELLOUT.WOOT, DEALS.WOOT and last my certainly not least, WINE.WOOT.  Admittedly, WINE.WOOT is my favorite, but I am continually amazed at some of the cool things I find at DEALS.WOOT…check out a few of today’s bargains:
Leather Handled tote for $17.99 (regularly $34.99) from
24″ Whitmor Hamper for $12.99 (regularly $24.99) from
Isis Vee Tank (made with bamboo) for $23.37 at
Quantities are limited so the deals listed above may not be around by the time you’re reading this blog…but WOOT will still be around so I suggest you check it out.  Now, if you’ll excuse me, I need to go buy the Isis Vee Tank while it’s still available!

Container Store LOVE


I went to Container Store today and I must say that as soon as I walked in, it was like a tide of calmness enveloped me.  I wasn’t worried about the grocery list, the unfolded laundry, the fact that my car needed the oil changed about 200 miles ago or anything else…it.was.utter.peace.  
I am going to start working on a pantry project this week so I went to get some preliminary supplies.  Here is what we are starting with…does it look familiar?  Most people have a closet / pantry / cabinet / garage that has just gotten a little busy:
This particular pantry has food items as well as liquor and some miscellaneous dinnerware, serving pieces, vases and such…..
Once we get a handle on how the client wants to use the space, we’ll take everything out, purge and categorize what is going to go back in.  As I mentioned, I picked up a few of my favorite things as preliminary supplies for the project at (insert the sound of angels singing) Container Store to start with.  Take a look at these babies and tell me they aren’t cool:
Under cabinet shelf.
Double shelf
Stemware storage.  
Aaaah…can’t you just FEEL the organization of the pantry coming together?  Does the thought of completion give you goosebumps too?  Or am I just a little weird that way?  Oh well, somebody has to do it and it might as well be me.  Call if you need help!  

Mirror, Mirror On The Wall….


So here is what I did yesterday…
have you ever tried to hanging something high in a stairwell?

Not only on a stairwell but the corner of the stairwell.

And let me tell you: a stairwell in a house built in the 30′s isn’t very big but today’s ladders are!

Yes, we had a stair-step ladder but the base was wider than the step…oh oh. So we got some large, hardback books to even out the distance between the next step and the ladder foot and my lovely assistant (you can see her sweeping the step in the second photo) held the ladder and the books steady while I climbed onward and upward. Yikes! If we were HGTV stars, there would have been quite a few “bloopers” caught on tape!

Thankfully, the end result was definitely worth the effort. The stairwell and landing were a little dark but now the mirrors reflect the light that streams in from the opposite windows and brightens the whole space. I love these vintage looking mirrors from Crate & Barrel and hope to use them above the bed in another project I just started…stay tuned!