Love and Warmest Wishes

The new school year is upon us, and that is bringing some changes to the team at Michelle Lynne INTERIORS Group. Thankfully, it’s not because I have school zones between my home and office but sadly, we are sending off two of our team-members to spend more time with their families and children as their schedules heat up. I’m a firm believer in prioritizing God, family and then work, and I commend these women for keeping their priorities in that order – although they will be terribly missed!

Lana Moore will be running around with her two sons, shuttling them between elementary school, birthday parties, baseball, boy scouts and who knows what else? I can barely keep up and get tired just THINKING about all of the energy it must take to keep up with two boys. Here

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is one of my favorite projects she completed for us:

Formal Living After Staging by Michelle Lynne


Maryann Hamby is shuttling her 7th grade, 3rd grade and kindergarten kiddos back and forth between their activities. I’ll bet she wishes that 7th grader was old enough to drive! Maryann contributed to our group with some great business insight, a team spirit, and crazy brilliance in design. Here is one of her renovations / stagings:

Investor Family Room Staged


Investor Kitchen Staged to Sell

I hope when life slows down a little (um, maybe when their children are in COLLEGE), we will have the pleasure of working together again. Their vitality, kind hearts and sweet friendship are treasures I consider myself lucky to have experienced. Thankfully, they aren’t moving across the country and I am certain lunch, dinner or drinks will be in our futures. Love and blessings to them (I am sure that by chasing those kiddos around, they will be working harder than I will be just schlepping furniture!).