5 Decorating Mistakes to Avoid

Designing your home should be a fun process. Whether you hire a designer or you take on the task yourself, there are definitely 5 decorating mistakes to avoid. Well, there are definitely more pitfalls you would want to avoid, but here are 5 to start with:
Buying everything for your space in one day.

Sometimes you get on a roll and find a lot of items that will work, but don’t “force” something to work just because it available.  Instead take your time, and opt for the collected, layered look – which is something that takes time. It’s okay to live without (insert furniture item here) while you’re spend time time looking for the perfect fit. Don’t settle for an item just because it’s at your fingertips and you have an empty space in your home.

And I practice what I preach, the bedroom below is mine. The photo was taken summer of 2018 and I only recently found something for above the bed…and am still hunting for the “right” piece on the other wall too.

Avoid these decorating mistakes | ML Interiors Group | Dallas Interior Design

Leave your walls bare until you find what you LOVE.

Letting the salesperson pressure you into a purchase.

And yes, this includes your interior designer. It’s your space. Design & decor is personal, and just because something is on sale or on trend, doesn’t mean you have to have it if you don’t LOVE it. You have to live in your home, so everything you lay eyes on should make you happy. Marie Kondo says if it doesn’t spark joy, to get rid of it, and I concur with the theory – just don’t buy it to begin with.

Not testing the paint color on your walls.

I’m not kidding that when you see the host on an HGTV show just open the paint can and put it on the walls and it works, it is NOT TRUE. The producer of the show tested that color (and probably half a dozen more colors) weeks ahead of time in order for it to “just work” – and not be an on screen decorating mistake. In real life you must test your color(s) in multiple locations of the house to see what it looks like in various lights during the day. AND I also suggest painting the wall

Purchasing everything from the same place.

The thought of not having to shop around and knowing everything will match / work together may be easy & convenient, but it will make your space look like a catalog. (And no, your home looking like a catalog is not a good thing.) Browse a variety of resources  from large retailers to small, local boutiques, Instagram shop options, Etsy artisans, and even estate sales to craft a more personal, curated look.

Coffee table details add personality | Dallas Interior Design | Michelle Lynne Interiors Group

Not measuring for accuracy.

You might be able to eyeball the size of a pillow, a decorative object – or even hanging your art, but when it comes to furniture and rugs, measure three times and buy once. And to really confirm you are certain of dimensions before buying, outline what you are intending to purchase with painters tape to see it laid out. I wrote about The Decorating Domino Effect HERE, and this is exactly why it’s key to pre-plan.

Also, make sure you have measurements in hand when you are out shopping, don’t rely on your memory. Besides the Decorating Domino Effect, what if something didn’t even fit through your doorway? Or the opposite happened and your new purchase looks like dollhouse furniture?

So there you have it. Five decorating mistakes that you can avoid – easily.

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