The team at ML Interiors  Group in Dallas, TX

It’s not every day you find a team of designers that work together as a cohesive unit… and actually enjoy each other’s company. At ML Interiors Group, we do both! We’re a group of designers that create beautiful spaces and have fun while doing it.

We haven’t shared our story in a while and it truly is one of our key differentiators, so here we go! Join us on our journey from a small design firm of one, to a full-scale interior design powerhouse in Dallas-Fort Worth.

From Designer: Party of One…

Back in 2008, Michelle closed the doors of her office and left corporate America. She left behind all the stress to let her creative soul loose. There was one thing she didn’t completely let go when she walked out of that office for good… she kept her incredible business acumen and brought it into this entirely different world. In the interior design industry, Michelle’s business brain translates into well-managed expectations, a process-oriented approach, impeccable project leadership, and fierce budgeting skills.

Michelle continued to infuse her business knowledge into her love of design, and voila! Magic happened. You can imagine harp sounds and angels singing because that’s pretty much how it all went down.

Michelle created The MLIG Experience, which consists of her meticulous 16-step interior design process which brings structure, ease, and accountability to each client experience as she fully understands how important it is to make sure projects are completed on time and on budget.

In addition to reinventing her career, Michelle also restructured her family life. A self-professed “late bloomer,” she got married at 37 and adopted a baby at 47. When she’s not busy running MLIG or training interior designers on how to be better business owners, she appreciates rare quiet time with family. She values relationships, family, and deep authenticity in her life.

Michelle is Mom, accomplished Interior Designer, and badass businesswoman. But what makes her so successful is her ability to connect with clients and anticipate their wants and needs. It’s her love of people that makes her truly special and what led her to grow ML Interior Group into what you see today when you hire this team.

… To Design Team, Party of MANY

Doing everything is great, but it’s more fun with friends, right? Michelle was achieving massive success in the Dallas interior design scene. She was improving families’ lives by providing them with a sense of relief, joy, and pride in having a space they love, where they make memories, entertain their loved ones, and seek solace in a busy world. But she needed more talented and impressive professionals on her team to keep it all moving as it should for her valued clients.

Michelle found two other creative souls with a bit of business nerd deep down in their hearts. Enter Debbie and Megan, professional interior designers and fabulous humans. Michelle put together this dream team, with 3 award-winning custom interior designers, to provide impeccable designs to Highland Park, as well as the greater Dallas / Fort Worth metro area.

As the business grew, thanks to the business systems Michelle put in place, the team needed someone to help them cross their T’s and dot their I's behind the scenes. Thankfully, they were able to seek out Nicole, a stealth workflow ninja and calendar coordinator with an unbelievable knack for logistics.

The team laughing at ML Interiors Group in Dallas, TX

And the Rest is History

What you see in your home when you hire ML Interiors Group is impeccable attention to detail and a collaboration of design expertise that doesn’t feel stuffy, stale, or sterile. You get three talented designers - all focused on achieving the goals for your space. Each team member brings their own unique experience, design eye, and expertise.

There’s a special chemistry when our team works together. Clients feel the creative, laser-sharp attention to detail, yet playful energy we bring to the table. Focused and unfussy, we love to say we take our projects seriously, but never ourselves.

This resonates with our clients, who are DFW area moms and dads, corporate game changers, and titans of industry that are doing their best to manage work, family and the fast-pacing of life… while maintaining the beautiful and stylish home they take so much pride in.

Are you hoping to create a space that suits your needs? One that considers every important aspect of your daily life down to how you get dressed in the morning and or how you take your coffee? Then ML Interiors Group needs to be your next call. These women understand the importance of having a fully functional home without sacrificing any of your personal style.

We’d love to get to know you and learn more about the vision you have for your home. Click here to fill out our contact form, and we’ll be in touch!