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Yes. It’s true. I’m advocating decorating your home via Pick yourself up off the floor and keep reading. I am obviously a huge proponent of beginning with the end in mind and designing your home as a whole project. After all, I do own an interior design firm. Buuuut I also am a huge fan of the convenience of Amazon’s delivery service AND being able to swap smaller items out with the seasons or as my style changes.

I figure I am not the only one who feels that way, right? So I’ve compiled a few decorating ideas via for your shopping convenience and pleasure. I mean, who knew you could buy FURNITURE on Amazon????

Decorating ideas you can get from Yes. It's true. | ML Interiors Group

I’ve created an Idea List on Amazon that I call “Inspired Interiors: Calm & Cozy”.  You can find the entire list HERE. And I’m working on creating an actual Storefront here (yes, I love Amazon THAT much – you would literally die if you knew how many deliveries we get a week). So follow me on Amazon – and keep checking back for new ideas (in all areas of life, not just interiors).

For now, let’s start with the calm and cozy vibe of this blankie. I love the navy and white, but it also comes in two other colorways (which is a fancy, designer way to say two other color combinations). Click on any image for the link to purchase.

This mid-mod style planter is actually one of the gifts I requested and received for Christmas. I have yet to open the box, but I DO know where it is going to be placed when I do.  GiGi has started getting mobile, so I think I may just wait to unpack it and add to her obstacle course in the house.

And did you know that you can have LIVE plants delivered to you via Yes. Another reason I’m a fan. So if you have a green thumb, pop this plant into the planter above. But even if you DON’T have a green thumb, for this price and delivery, you could just kill it off and replace it…right????

I know I said I was suggesting small decorating ideas via, but for the price of this couch, you really could swap it out just for a few years. Ask me how much do love the emerald green VELVET???? Too much. Talk about cozy! And the richness of the color is so pretty! Although this may not be a good solution for your house if you have a dog or cat that sheds. Just sayin’.And what is calm and cozy if not a hot cup of tea? I have recently discovered a love for a good “cuppa” in the afternoon or evening, so this little teapot and mug combo are the epitome of calm to me.

The teapot comes with it’s own little cozy, which zippers up around the glass to keep the tea hot longer.

And I just think that drinking anything out of a cool vessel makes it taste better. I’ll have to create a Bars and Booze Idea List soon because I love all sorts of fun stemware and bar glasses.

Okay, seriously, go check out the whole list of things I have compiled for Inspired Interiors: Calm & Cozy. And if you have any requests for Idea Lists, I would love to hear them. It’s a fun exercise to shop without actually shopping. (My husband loves it too. haha!)  If you’re looking for gift ideas, I created Gifts for Him and Gifts for Her just before the holiday, and most of the items are still available (another reason to love Amazon).

And as a disclaimer, anything you click through and purchase from my lists provides me with a small commission to supplement the blog. So thanks in advance! 

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