ML Interiors Group’s Luxury Interior Design Process (Part 1)


ML Interiors Group’s Luxury Interior Design Process (Part 1)


Today I want to share what we like to call “the ML Experience,” the high-end, 4-phase interior design process that every single project we take on is funneled through. This full-service experience will transform your home into a place you love to live. Why?

Because we believe your home should tell a love story about the people who live there. It should bring ease into your life, during the interior design process and every day after.

So… how do we get from where your home is now… outdated, dreary, non-functional to a personalized home that is family-friendly and luxurious??

Let’s talk about it…


What Factors Influence the Interior Design Process:

Let’s just talk decorating, let’s not talk renovations. (That is it’s own beast for another blog post since there are 999+ details to each construction project…) With each decorating job, there are quite a few factors that we have to consider before moving into our 4-phase interior design process:

  • How many rooms are we designing? (Note: We typically have a minimum of 2 rooms that we work on decorating at any given time.)
  • What is the outcome that you desire? (Is this an interior design overhaul, or are we doing a lighter refresh?)
  • Is minimal construction needed? (You know, like moving a door over slightly, needing to widen a window, etc.)
  • What special adornments are being considered? (Is there a designer wallpaper you’re drooling over? How about special millwork accents?)

Based on the answers to these varying questions, the length of your project from start to finish may vary slightly, but all of our projects will run through the same 4-phase collaborative and stress-free process.


Phase 1: Research

Onboarding new clients is generally a good 4-week process. Not only are we diving into the specifics of the interior design project, confirming we are a good solution for your needs, but we are also getting to know you in-depth once you have committed to moving forward with ML Interiors Group.

What does that look like?

Well, after an internal kick-off, we go through a variety of different interviews to gather as much information as we can about the desired project outcome, your lifestyle, etc. We call this “frontloading” so that by the time we get to design and development, we’ve already climbed into your mind and generally do not have to do many revisions after the design has been presented. For this reason, the research phase of our interior design process is absolutely crucial!

Additionally, during this phase…

We take extensive measurements of each room. This goes far more in-depth than simply measuring square footage. We measure things like:

  • How far is it from the corner of the room to the window?
  • How wide is the window frame?
  • What are the dimensions of the window itself?
  • What size crown molding is in place?
  • How high are the baseboards?
  • Where are the vents located?
  • What is the placement of the outlets in the room?

And a few dozen other things… (you may have thought interior designers just pick out pretty things – it’s really much more detailed!).

Once we have all of those measurements, we are able to accurately “drop” all of these details into a space planning software so that as we move into the development phase and start making selections, we know that they are 100% accurate in regards to the size and the scale of the furnishings. Details make the design!


3D Rendering of #ProjectSouthcrest Master Bedroom

Phase 2: Design Development

The actual development of the design concept takes anywhere from 4-8 weeks, maybe a little bit longer, depending on how many rooms are included in the project. A whole house design, on the other hand, is going to take 8-12 weeks. (Although that depends on the size of the house, of course, because we just picked up a project that’s close to 10,000 square feet, and that’s going to take a while!)

What goes into the development is key. It’s not just picking paint colors and fluffing pillows. One of the reasons this phase takes so long is because we are not only working on the aesthetic…we are also ensuring that the design is highly functional and efficient while also being comfortable and stylish.

Floor Plan

Remember that floor plan we mentioned earlier? Now is the time that we are taking an even closer look at that and starting to arrange furniture in the design plan so that it has the best egress and ingress (i.e. coming and going). After all, flow is a huge part of making a space functional.


3D Rendering of #ProjectSouthcrest Dining Room


Once we are happy with the overall layout, we begin shopping for furniture that will please the aesthetic. This usually means looking through hundreds of fabric samples to narrow the choices down to the dozens that will be needed in any given home.

We are assessing where performance fabrics are needed, like rugs and upholstery so that spills, stains, dirt, muck, etc. don’t end up living in and on the fabrics of the home. And if you ask us to do your accessorizing as well, we start to choose those finishing touches during this development phase. Although, in many cases, we also add a few accessories during installation.

The beauty of working with ML Interiors Group is that it’s “buy 1, get 2 free”…meaning that while you’re given a lead designer, the other 2 interior designers, including myself, will be providing ideas and information to that lead designer throughout all 4 phases. This means you’re guaranteed the best of the best when it comes to the design and development – because 3 minds are certainly better than 1!


3D Rendering of #ProjectSouthcrest Home Office


I still have Phase 3 and 4 to share with you, but let’s not turn this blog post into a novel, right? I’ll share those with you in exactly 2 weeks from now.

In the meantime, if you’re ready for our team to design a space that tells the love story of your family…one that is as beautiful as it is functional, blended perfectly into a design of livable luxury – give us a call. We can’t wait to walk you through the ML Experience, transforming your home in a collaborative and exciting way.

OH – and if that space is a kitchen, you can download our Guide to Prepping for a Kitchen Remodel here.

Michelle Lynne