Spring Cleaning: Your Refrigerator (Inside & Out)

Spring Cleaning may not be the sexiest topic, but I was recently published in Texasliving Magazine talking about just that: Cleaning Your Refrigerator (Inside & Out).

Yes, it’s springtime, which means time to air out the house and tidy up some of those areas that get overlooked the rest of the year. Personally, I’m starting my spring cleaning with my refrigerator. Well, technically I already did when I was writing this article in January. I had to make sure my instructions were accurate. Plus, I submitted the photos. So I had to do something productive with the interior. haha.

I increased the size of these images of my article. If they still aren’t legible, consider getting yourself some readers, or simply downloading the images to print. I hope you enjoy!

Tips for spring cleaning your refrigerator - inside and out.

Tips for spring cleaning your refrigerator - inside and out.

Maybe you’re not into cleaning your refrigerator. I get it. Maybe you came to our site to see the pretty pictures and see how we might be able to make your home happier and more efficient. Have no fear, refrigerator cleaning isn’t our forte but gorgeous interiors is.

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