Our fee process is extremely transparent. During our free Design Discovery Call, we walk you through every detail, so don’t be shy to schedule one here. We charge a flat fee for design, so you know exactly what you’re paying us. We also take care of the procurement and installation, and those fees show up as separate line items on your invoice. We are happy to do your home in phases to compliment the pace at which you’re comfortable investing in your home. 

In short, yes! We love renovations. We have great referrals for contractors we know, like, and trust to implement your vision, and we collaborate with them to make sure your project is done on time and on budget. Importantly, we are not “married” to any one contractor. We have many great relationships, and we choose the contractor whose communication style, personality, and deliverables are best for you. We are also your advocate at every step of the process, so any contractor-related hassles will be fully taken care of by your team at MLIG.

Budget is very personal, and we have lots of options. Check out our friendly budget calculator here to estimate an appropriate budget based on your desires and plans.