Full-Service Interior Design in Dallas, TX

Some designers have a “look” they copy-and-paste over and over. Not us! We create a style all your own. Whether you know exactly what you want or you only have a vague idea, we’re experts at drawing out the design that exceeds your expectations at every turn and transforms your house into a home.

Our clients are busy professionals, often juggling multiple homes and priorities, like children, demanding work schedules, and rich social lives. You’ll feel relief, joy, and pride in having a space you love, where you make memories, entertain your loved ones, and seek solace in a busy world.

We provide custom interior design services in the greater Dallas / Fort Worth metro area.

Home library interior design service provided by ML Interiors Group in Preston Hollow in Dallas
Overhead picture of a custom living room design in Preston Hollow in Dallas Texas

"Your home is a backdrop for your family's memories."

- Michelle Lynne
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Our Unique Interior Design & Decorating Services

Our approachable team works closely with architects, builders, and craftsmen — overseeing the finite details of your unique design project — to ensure the new build, renovation, or furnishings experience is outstanding.

We take care of every little detail from the meet & greet to the final reveal:

Residential & Boutique Commercial Projects

From home owner to business owner, ML Interiors Group can create a specific work or home environment tailored to your needs. With superior interior design conceptualization, ML Interiors Group can help you identify your vision and ensure it is integrated into the design. When construction is involved, the use of 3D renderings make it easier to visualize the space designed, and how it not only looks but functions, which also ensures that all parties are on the same page.

Furnishing Selections

ML Interiors Group can curate spaces to fit your personal style, while also creating considerate floor/space planning that fits your lifestyle. Our team of experts specialize in custom furniture design and selection; sourcing furnishings for those hard-to-fit spaces, or that unique piece that “completes” a room. By utilizing durable performance fabrics and textiles, our team ensures that your furniture is constructed to last.

Window treatment and textile design play a part in creating “soft layers” that are both functional and beautiful. Drapery, curtains, shades, pillows, and updates on your favorite furnishings through custom reupholstery are the finishing touches of a well designed and decorated home.

In regards to procurement, ML Interiors Group maintains a careful eye from inception to project completion, supervising order placement, tracking, and deficiency resolution.

Full-service living room design in Dallas
Teenage bedroom interior decoration by ML Interiors Group in Dallas

Skillful Floor/Space Planning

Floor/Space planning at its finest considers functionality in all forms. Attentive detail to electrical plans and ductwork ensure that all lighting (ambiance/task/decorative), outlet placement/media plug-ins, and ventilation are harmonious. This includes furniture layouts which maximize space for ideal flow and purpose, as well as architectural detailing to customize the entirety of the space (including fit and finish).

Interior Construction Design and Project Management

ML Interiors Group generates official construction-ready documents that include detailed instructions to reduce errors. We guarantee that every aspect of the project will be managed accordingly - including scheduled trades check-ins, coordinated delivery dates, and consistent communication throughout the construction process.

When it comes to interior construction, thoughtful kitchen and bath design promote functionality and personal style through state-of-the art finishes; countertop tile, (luxurious) paint, flooring, hardware, and custom fitted cabinetry.

Staging & Styling

The fun part! At this last stage of the process, we enhance the aesthetics and functionality of a room or space without altering its core structure. We finish and decorate the space to create the look and feeling that reflects you, acting as a final layer to make a space feel like YOUR home (and even magazine-worthy!).

Basically, we do it all.

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