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In the heart of Dallas, TX, there’s a group of passionate interior designers who believe in crafting spaces that tell a unique story - yours! At ML Interiors Group, we take pride in the work we do and the homes and spaces we transform.
Some designers have a “look” they copy-and-paste over and over. Not us! We create a style all your own. Whether you know exactly what you want or you only have a vague idea, we’re experts at drawing out the design that exceeds your expectations at every turn and transforms your house into a home. Each project is a blank canvas waiting to be filled with your personal touch. 

We provide custom interior design services in the prime locations of Frisco, Highland Park, Southlake, Keller, and also extend our expertise to the greater Dallas / Fort Worth metro area. No project is too big or small for us.

Home library interior design service provided by ML Interiors Group in Preston Hollow in Dallas

Understanding Our Clientele

Our clients are dynamic. They are busy professionals, often managing multiple homes and balancing varied priorities, like children, demanding work schedules, and active social lives. We understand the importance of having a haven to retreat to. That’s why our main goal is to make sure you feel relief, joy, and pride in having a space you adore, where you can make memories, entertain your loved ones, and seek solace in a bustling world.

Overhead picture of a custom living room design in Preston Hollow in Dallas Texas Check out more photos from the "Living La Vida Lokar" Project on our Portfolio page!

Dallas Interior Designers Dedicated to You

Collaboration is key in interior design. Our approachable team works in tandem with skilled architects, builders, and craftsmen to pay attention to every finite detail of your unique design project. This ensures that your experience, from the initial meet & greet to the breathtaking final reveal, is nothing short of exceptional.

Master bedroom seating area interior design by ML Interiors Group in Dallas, TX

A Wide Spectrum of Interior Design Services

  • Residential, Multi-family, & Boutique Commercial Projects: ML Interiors Group caters to homeowners and business owners alike. With our prowess in interior design conceptualization, we can draw out your vision, ensuring it's at the forefront of the design. We also employ advanced 3D renderings to aid in visualization, ensuring clarity and cohesion for all parties involved.
  • Furnishing Selections: Beyond the structure of a room lies its soul, and that's where our team steps in. We specialize in crafting spaces that resonate with your personal style. This includes sourcing unique furniture pieces, selecting durable fabrics, and adding the finishing touches like drapery and pillows.
  • Skillful Floor/Space Planning: We take an analytical approach, considering functional needs like electrical plans, lighting arrangements, outlet placements, and furniture layouts. Every inch of your space is evaluated and designed to serve a purpose.
  • Interior Construction Design and Project Management: We remove the guesswork from construction. With our detailed instructions and vigilant project management, we ensure a seamless transition from the blueprint to the final outcome. Our focus includes areas like kitchen and bath, where we meld functionality with cutting-edge design.
  • Staging & Styling: This is where the magic happens. We elevate your space, enhancing its aesthetics without compromising its essence, ensuring it’s both functional and magazine-worthy.
Outdoor patio interior design by ML Interiors Group in Dallas
Vertical shot of full-service kitchen interior design by ML Interiors Group in Dallas, TX

50+ Years of Combined Industry Expertise

Our combined experience spans over a half a century, which is a testament to our dedication, skill, and the trust our clients bestow upon us. Many have echoed the sentiment, “I paid a little more to hire ML Interiors Group because I knew it would be done right.” Novice designers might offer a cheaper deal, but with them come unforeseen challenges and expenses. Investing in our professional service ensures peace of mind from the outset.

Open concept dining space interior design by ML Interiors Group in Dallas, TX
Home office interior design by ML Interiors Group in Dallas, TX
Staging and styling living room interior design by ML Interiors Group in Dallas, TX

View Our Interior Design Portfolio

To truly appreciate our work, we invite you to view our portfolio. Remember, even if you don’t see your exact vision, at ML Interiors, we craft a style all your own. Your vision, our expertise. Let's create something beautiful together.

"Your home is a backdrop for your family's memories."

- Michelle Lynne
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