ML Interiors Group’s Luxury Interior Design Process (Part 2)

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Two weeks ago, I shared Phases 1 and 2 of our luxury interior design process. These cover the Research and Design Development phases of a project. Both are exciting phases for our clients, so if you didn’t read that post yet, go take a look there first!

Today, we’re going to look at the next two steps in the process: the Procurement Phase and the Installation Phase. Come take a look…


Phase 3: Procurement

The procurement phase, depending on the project and how custom or semi-custom it is, can take anywhere from 2-4 weeks.

This phase is really all about serious tracking and lots of confirming. Confirming receipt of the order, confirming the correct dye lot is available, confirming shipping dates…tracking when it is shipped, tracking when it is received at the professional receiver…you get it, right?!

The procurement phase of our luxury interior design process actually warranted its own blog post, but to give you an idea of how complicated this really is, here are the steps for the procure one custom sofa…

Luxury Interior Design Process for Custom Furniture

  • Week 1: You approve the design of the custom sofa.
  • Week 2: We place an order for the sofa with the manufacturer, including all specifications and drawings, and confirming the lead time. You pay 50% of the purchase (or whatever the vendor requires). We place an order for the fabric to be shipped to you. We contact you with the estimated date of installation.
  • Week 3-4: We wait for the Customer’s Own Material (COM) to arrive. We approve the COM or address any concerns (dye lot, color variation, etc.).
  • Week 4-5: If no adjustments with the fabric are needed, we ship the COM to the manufacturer of the sofa.
  • Week 5-6: We confirm receipt of the COM at the manufacturer.
  • Week 6-10: The manufacturer is building the sofa.
  • Week 10: You pay the balance due. We arrange for shipment of the finished sofa to our professional receiver. We notify the receiver of the sofa receipt, side-mark, etc. and arrange for a turnkey installation date. We confirm the installation date with you.
  • Week 11: The sofa ships We arrange receipt of the sofa with the receiver.
  • Week 12-13: The sofa is received at the professional receiver. The sofa is inspected and photos are sent to you for approval. The sofa is cataloged and stored until installation.
  • Week 14: We deliver and install the beautiful, custom sofa!

This is for one sofa. Yes, you read that correctly! So, imagine the workload for an entire household of furniture, art, and accessories! Custom (even semi-custom) doesn’t come quickly, but it does make for a luxury interior design and is well worth the wait.



Actual Photo of #ProjectSouthcrest Completed Master Bedroom

Phase 4: Installation

Once we have as many items as possible, generally we do a big installation over the course of a day (or two). We get the entire team to the home to install every item, large and small, and it is a mad dash to the finish, truly transforming the space in a short amount of time.

(Although at this point you know that each phase leading up to the reveal plays a critical role in the installation running smoothly…since no part of the install would happen without all of the detailed research, development, design, and planning that went into the project.)

Occasionally, we do deliver in a couple of different phases, just so that you are not paying for excess storage fees if we’re waiting on a few lingering items. Or, maybe we do one day of big item installation and we do a second phase of accessorizing. Every project is different.

We love the drama and excitement of a full-team, bustling installation day that leads up to a jaw-dropping reveal for you.



Actual Photo of #ProjectSouthcrest Completed Dining Room

Overall Timeline of an ML Interiors Design Project

I know it would be amazing if I could give you a one-size-fits-all timeline for every project, but there are just too many determining factors, the most important of which are the size, scope, style, and your budget.

One of the things that a designer does is to look at the entire room/space/home as a whole and back into the design. What does that mean?!

Example of Luxury Interior Design Process & Timeline

Let’s just say you have an average living room and it’s taking us 2-4 weeks to create the design. But, let’s say we find everything that we want for the room, and then at the last minute, we change the side tables because we find out that you wanted something bigger…

So then we source larger side tables, but then the side table is wobbly because the front two legs are on the rug and the back two legs are off…shoot! (There goes the lamp, there goes the cup of coffee, there goes the glass of wine. Not good!)

So then we need to get a larger rug, but if we get a larger rug, darn it! We just blew the budget. Meaning we need a larger rug, but we have to find a different rug than the original style because we have to make those side tables work.

You see what’s happening here. It’s a decorating domino effect. See how all of those little details can add up to varying timelines? Once we can talk about your project’s details, we’ll be able to nail down a pretty good estimate with time for trouble-shooting built in.



Actual Photo of #ProjectSouthcrest Completed Home Office


Final Thoughts

No matter the timeline, though, the fact remains that any good designer should be able to provide you with an accurate estimated deliverable time that they will be able to share the design with you. And if you are working with us and our luxury interior design process, we bring you a single solution with a detailed timeline that accounts for the budget, aesthetic, function, family needs, lifestyle, and all that jazz.

So, if you’re ready for our team to design a space that tells the love story of your family…one that is as beautiful as it is functional, blended perfectly into a design of livable luxury – give us a call. We can’t wait to walk you through the ML Experience, transforming your home in a collaborative and exciting way.

And if that space is a kitchen, you can download our Guide to Prepping for a Kitchen Remodel here.

Michelle Lynne