Project Reveal: A Cozy Modern Coastal Design in Southcrest

Dallas Modern Coastal Stunning-and-Sophisticated-Southcrest-Reno_Living-Room

When D. and M. came to us, they had just moved their family to Texas and purchased a builder basic home with blah white walls that were far from their desired modern coastal design aesthetic. Their new abode had zero personality, a complete lack of function, and didn’t represent their easy-going personalities at. all.

They were looking for a designer who could infuse a sense of relaxation and comfort into their space. Someone who could take their personal backgrounds and blend them seamlessly into a design that balanced crisp, clean aesthetics with cozy simplicity.

Now, you might know that we have a few fabulous designers on our team. Depending on the project, we’ll assign the leading lady that fits it best. For this project, I knew that our designer, Megan Fornes (a babe who balances her city lifestyle with her BIG small-town heart) was exactly the lady for the job. She excels at infusing color into spaces and mixing delicious fabrics. We had no doubt she could whip this run-of-the-mill home into designer shape in no time. (Spoiler: She totally did.)

But before I reveal to you the stunning transformation in this Southcrest home, let’s talk details…

The Clients

As I mentioned earlier, D. and M. were the epitome of relaxed, easy-going, carefree, and happy-go-lucky. But, I suppose when you move a family of four (plus a sweet pup named Sailor) from Maine to California to Texas, you have to be flexible.

With two teens involved in a variety of sports, a dog who is an integral part of the family, and a penchant for entertaining, this couple knew they needed a comfortable environment for hosting that was also livable and stress-free. Having moved from coast to coast, literally, they appreciated easy, breezy oceanside culture. They imagined bringing that peacefulness into their home in Texas. And we said, “OH YES, WE CAN.”

The Goals

Our goals weren’t just aesthetic though. The new build production home’s cookie cutter layout wasn’t going to cut it for D. and M. So we had some major changes to make. On the list:

  • Reconfigure the floor plan to incorporate multiple seating areas for their family of four (think schoolwork, parties, game nights, hosted dinners, etc.)
  • Fill the space with performance fabric upholstered furniture in various textures and patterns… to hide stains from busy teens, muddy paws, (lookin’ at you, Sailor), and keep the adults covered when (not if) they spill wine on their light-colored sofas
  • Blend together the family’s love for the beach with tribal aspects from their travels… add some industrial touches for a contemporary vibe… and infuse the warmth of living in the heart of Texas.

Ready to see how it all turned out?

Modern Coastal Living Room Design


Ahhh… now that’s better than a boxy white room!! Touches of coastal materials, tribal patterns, farmhouse-esque shiplap, and modern lighting are the instruments in this masterful modern coastal design symphony! It feels warm, fresh, social, and as welcoming as a hug. A Texas hug, mind you. 😉

We painted the walls in Benjamin Moore’s 1472 Silver Chain, which was darker and more gray in hue than the original Alabaster white (sometimes too white can be a bad thing). Instead, this hue livened up the space and made it feel cool, crisp, and coastal.

As far as the floor plan goes, we actually switched the dining room and formal living room locations, so that when you walk in from the main entry, you see the dining room first. This also meant that the new sitting room could be laid out around the fireplace off the kitchen…which just made sense.

Speaking of that fireplace, its previous two-sided design needed to be revamped. But that was just the beginning…


The unique 3-dimensional wood sculpture that we hung above the white sofa (in performance fabric… good luck, wine!) steals the show… but also blends flawlessly with the rest of the natural decor in the living room.

From the leather chair to the wooden coffee tables to the plant in the corner, the organic nature of this space oozes cozy comfort and beach lifestyle, while also remaining chic, sophisticated, and down-right stunning. Love, love, love.

As you walk through the space with us, you’ll also notice some excellent lighting choices. (Megan Fornes nailed it, right?!) By carefully curating multiple layers of gorgeous lighting in each area, we were able to better define the rooms of the home.

Fireplace Feature


Remember that two-sided fireplace we mentioned? We refinished it with a very light shiplap and dark gray frame that complements the wall color throughout the downstairs.

By mixing textures in each space, adding metal, wood, glass, etc., we were able to infuse dimension and interest into this once builder basic home. And just looking at this simple photo…well, it is living proof that neutral doesn’t have to be boring. In fact, neutral colors can make big, bold, beautiful statements!

Modern Coastal Entertaining Area


Bet you didn’t know there was another side to that fireplace! Ohhhhh, yes, there is. And it is marvellous with this adorable sitting area. With seating for four, this conversation-style layout is ideal for hosting those small gatherings… or even catching up as a family with a glass of Texas sweet tea at the end of a long day.

Notice the modern coastal artwork, real wood mantle, and woven chairs reminiscent of seating you’d find on the balcony of the luxury beachside resorts we’ve all been dreaming about these days…

Modern Coastal Dining Room Design


One of our challenges was making sure the new, and very large, dining table didn’t feel out of place when we transitioned the old formal living room into the new dining room. But we definitely succeeded!

Between the absolutely stunning accent wall (with custom millwork), the oversized woven-shade chandelier (be still my heart), and the live-edge tabletop made from driftwood itself, there is nothing heavy about this room. It begs for a delicious seafood spread, flowing cocktails, and lively conversation.

The warmth of Texas living meets the carefree lifestyle of the coasts.

A Bright & Fresh Kitchen Design


While we haven’t discussed the kitchen, and honestly, that is a different post for another day, it felt remiss not to share this inspired design. Between the color palette that transports you to a sandy beach with rolling waves, the woven textured window treatments, the water-droplet-shaped pendant lighting, and the warm wooden floors and leather chairs… really, what’s not to love?

This heart of the home in the heart of Texas is beachy, welcoming, modern, and perfect for hosting! Which brings me to the final fabulous space in this fresh-as-a-breeze home…

Modern Coastal Outdoor Living Area


Ahhh… couldn’t you spend all day out here?? The gorgeous color palette from inside flows out onto the back patio and beyond, creating a cohesive space for entertaining (complete with more performance fabric, of course!)

Plus, with the basketball hoop in the background and the “SWIM” decor on the wall, you’re reminded that this fabulously fresh home is also family-friendly. Livable luxury at its finest.

Can we pause here for a moment and give it up for Megan? Designing this home was no small feat, and she executed it beyond our clients’ wildest dreams. Way to go, girl… simply stunning!

The Joyful Result

Our easygoing homeowners couldn’t have been happier. We did away with their cookie cutter production home and created a sophisticated sanctuary that is a complete reflection of their lives, their travels, and their personalities.

Organic, carefree, comfortable, and livable, this space embodies everything they hoped for, but never dreamed possible in a home. Every day, they walk through that front door, take a deep breath, and sigh. Ahhh. Complete bliss, pride, and contentment. After all, that is how a home should feel, right?!

If you’re ready to take that leap and transform your home into a relaxing retreat, give us a call. We would be delighted to turn your uninspired house into an awe-inspiring home.

Michelle Lynne