New construction with global influence

Rooms designed: entryway, kitchen, living room and dining room

Location: Lakewood neighborhood, Dallas, Texas

Our clients were newlyweds. He has an artistic and international taste, while she is more reserved and traditional. Our job was to blend their styles in their newly constructed home in the Lakewood neighborhood of Dallas. Antique doors and reclaimed wood beams added a global vibe to the newness of the construction, while free spirited and tribal patterns dominated the fabric selections to create a cohesive and welcoming style.

Transcending tastes and times, we paired the eclectic collections with two new sofas and added some comfortable cane chairs for plenty of seating. In order to make use of the beautiful and authentic rugs collected during travels, we layered them on top of larger, natural material rugs to create defined spaces. Adding the authentic Indian swing in the family room delighted our clients, as their courtship began with hours of conversations together on it.

Finalizing the home’s details included using original art created by the Mister’s mother. The final touch was revealed as we completed the job when they shared news they were starting a family.

This project was led by Megan Fornes.

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