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A ton of square footage doesn’t always mean function. This builder’s “spec” house had plenty of space for this large family of seven (plus three pups)- but it wasn’t working for their lifestyle and didn’t feel like “them”.


Newman Village, Frisco, TX

Rooms Designed

Kitchen and pantry renovation; butler’s pantry/formal dining room conversion to library, living room, dining room, entry/staircase, patio, study, master bedroom, five kid’s bedrooms.

The Story

As a family seven, plus three furry family members - it’s no wonder this client’s space needed an upgrade that suited their everyday lives. This open-concept design flourished with the ample square footage provided, leaving plenty of room for three designated zones of living and entertaining all within the same area. Modern furniture pieces and accessories blend in with the organic materials and accessories used to make this space not only multi-functional, but multi-purposeful.

Kitchen countertop interior design by ML Interiors Group in Frisco, TX A ton of square footage doesn’t always mean function.


The enormous kitchen was completely gutted, including the uninspiring pantry, which was then opened up to add a “pass thru” window to the outdoor kitchen. Now, the pantry boasts a sleek coffee bar and storage area. Column built-in refrigeration with rift-cut white oak panel fronts are balanced by cabinetry-style pantry storage, flanking the cooktop. Open shelving keeps the kitchen feeling light and airy, while all- new professional appliances and a huge modern apron front sink make cooking for a large family a breeze.

Custom kitchen interior design with custom shelving designed and built by ML Interiors in Frisco, TX
Full service kitchen island design featuring various wood and brass textures by ML Interiors in Dallas, TX

Living Room

Organic yet modern furnishings throughout the home soften the strong lines of the contemporary finishes. Neutral tones with lots of texture complement the new kitchen and feature performance fabrics that can take daily wear and tear from an active household. Layered rugs, with selective pops of blue in the pillows and green in the plants create an effortlessly cohesive look, without losing visual interest.

Overhead view of formal dining room designed by ML Interiors in Frisco, TX Overhead View of the Formal Dining Space


The formal dining room was sitting empty, and a butler’s pantry that was never used sat in the middle of the main floor, obstructing the view through the entirety of the space, as well as restricting flow. These spaces were converted into a functional library with a whole wall of built-ins where the kids can do homework, practice playing their instruments, or hang out with friends. Mom and Dad can use the space just as well to kick back and relax, and maybe even read a book or two in peace.

Custom home library design for a house by ML Interiors Group in Frisco, TX
Home library and table design for a full-service home interior design project by ML Interiors Group in Frisco, TX

Home Office

Contemporary lines and green/black paint contrast stunningly with the natural light illuminating the home office space. As this was a sizable work area, the existing rug was cut down to better fit the scale of the space, with stand-out art pieces and cleverly displayed medals making a big impact on the overall design. Metal accents give this office a complimentary “finished” look as well.

Dark ambiance for a focused work from home environment by ML Interiors Group in Frisco, TX
Dark rich texture accent this full-service home office design by ML Interiors Group in Frisco, TX


From the entry to the study, to the pool and patio, and throughout the bedrooms, black accents flow throughout the home- finally providing balance and compatibility where there previously was none. All five kids provided input on how they wanted their bedrooms to reflect their interests and unique personalities, with the goal being that they felt that their identities were represented when entering their respective spaces. Mom and Dad kept it simple, requesting a soothing and relaxing palette for their master bedroom.

Master bedroom interior design in by ML Interiors Group in Frisco, TX
Master bedroom seating area design by ML Interiors Group in Frisco, TX
Teenager's bedroom custom interior design ideas by ML Interiors Group in Frisco, TX
Bedroom 1 interior design by ML Interiors Group in Frisco, TX
Bedroom design with natural light and natural textures by ML Interiors Group in Frisco, TX
Creative teenager bedroom design by ML Interiors Group in Frisco, TX


This resort-style escape is one of our personal favorites, as the custom porch swing connects the two seating areas deliberately separated by tranquil blue outdoor rugs (tying in with the blue pillows within the interior space). With wicker shade lighting centered over each area, and wood and natural elements sprinkled throughout - we can see once again that fantastic blend of contemporary and organic.

Outdoor seating design by ML Interiors Groups in Frisco, TX
Custom Texas outdoor patio design by ML Interiors Group in Frisco, TX

The Joyful Result

The family couldn’t have been more satisfied with the end result. Where there was once dysfunction and confusion, now resides comfort and ease. Inside out, they’re now Living La Vida Lokar. See additional images on Instagram: #LivingLaVidaLokar.

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