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We are so blessed to live in this part of the country, where there’s no shortage of sunshine… meaning plenty of opportunities to live your best life outdoors. Cocktails by the pool, chef prepared meals for outdoor dinner parties, and homemade pizza in the outdoor kitchen. Here in the Dallas- Fort Worth area, we can create so many wonderful moments outside!

There’s beautiful homes, eateries, and local watering holes all over DFW. We’re pretty sure if there was a Beautiful Outdoor Spaces Capital of the US, Dallas-Fort Worth would claim the title. And some of these lovelies are just too incredible to go unnoticed. We’ve found our favorite patios and put them all in one place, all for your viewing pleasure.

Prepare to be inspired… looking for that outdoor space that sparks joy in your heart, the one that you just know is the inspiration for your outdoor oasis? Or do you just like to look at pretty things? If the answer is yes to either of those, then you’ve come to the right place! Keep reading for 4 DFW area patios that inspire.

Our Designs, Your Inspiration

We’ve created a few beautiful outdoor spaces in our day… not to brag or anything. The secret is to find the happy medium between function and style, while making sure that our clients’ personality shines through.

These next spaces will help spark your imagination and get your ideas flowing for your outdoor living space…

Southcrest exterior patio photo #ProjectSouthcrest

Our clients moved from California to this Midway Hollow home, which was a new build. It was pretty generic inside and out, and definitely wasn’t a reflection of our homeowners’ personality. We wanted to create an outdoor space that brought plenty of Texas hospitality to their existing Cali-style. Does that swing not blend natural Texas beauty with California cool?!

We chose a neutral color palette with light, bright accents here and there, with a very, very low-key sand and sea vibe. Definitely not a coastal feel, but not not coastal. We created a couple seating areas, one more formal and another for post-pool lounging. Our light colored upholstery outside mirrored a similar color story inside, since the two areas share a window. This helps keep the two spaces cohesive.

The overall result in this space goes something like you can take the people out of Cali, but you can’t take the Cali out of the people. There’s a song in there somewhere. To see more views of this stunner to help inspire your outdoor space, check out #ProjectSouthcrest on Instagram.

Custom outdoor patio with hanging swing design in Dallas Texas #LivinLaVidaLokar

These homeowners found their dream home… size-wise. It was definitely big enough for all seven of them, but the functionality factor left a lot to be desired. One of the keys to making this home really work for this family was making an outdoor living area that could be used just as frequently as the inside. And so we did!

The five children needed to be able to enjoy the outdoor space as often as possible, without having to worry about fussy fabrics getting dirty or water rings on the table. We found durable fabrics and furniture that could stand up to the Texas heat and sunshine, but also not crumble under the pressure of frequent use from the kids.

Want to see more views of this stylish and fully functional outdoor space? Seach #LivingLaVidaLokar on Instagram. Just be warned, you’ll be itching to redo your outdoor space after seeing the full project!

DFW Patios You Have to See to Believe

These next two patios are so gorgeous, it’s impossible to not be inspired. They’re absolutely stunning spaces, but each has elements that translate beautifully into home design, too. Check out Paradiso and Casablanca, both in Bishop Arts for more outdoor inspo.


Oh, hello Insta-worthy garden seating! Paradiso has 100% embraced biophilic design, carrying massive amounts of green plants from the inside to the outside… we’re really impressed with whoever’s responsible for watering these beauties, because they are lush.

The patio also features a mosaic tile fountain, rattan seating, and striped awnings. Is there really anything more you could possibly want in an outdoor setting? Oh wait… what’s that you say? Cocktails? Yes, they have a lovely cocktail menu, too.

We highly recommend dining on this patio to fully absorb its beauty, and take some of the outdoor inspo home with you.


O… M… G. The amount of color and texture packed into this one patio will have you doing major heart eyes. Rattan furniture? Check. Striped chaise lounges? Check. Neutral toned pendant lighting? Check. You get the picture.

Casablanca does a brilliant job of capturing the trendy artsy feel of the Bishop Arts District, with a certain level of comfort that you crave in an outdoor space. These elements make Casablanca a ten on the swoon scale. And, many of these details would be fabulous to recreate in your home.

The Wrap Up

Feeling less than enthusiastic about your outdoor space? Or maybe just needing to infuse a few new elements into your existing outside living area? The designs above have plenty of elements that translate beautifully into an outdoor oasis at home.

Not sure how to take your inspo from these photos to your reality? That’s where we come in! At MLIG, our background is in business first. We use our exceptional focus & sophisticated process to expertly manage and execute your project. Our clients often say, “This was the smoothest design process we’ve ever experienced.”

Give us a call or contact us via our website to schedule a consult. We’d love to get to know you better and help turn your outdoor dreams into stunning reality.

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