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If you’re standing in your fabulous home, contemplating the fact that it’s already May and I just recovered from having the kids home all day every day last summer… you’re not alone! There are plenty of homeowners just like you that are already feeling anxious about how to maintain a clean and organized home while balancing family life, work, and now (dun, dun, dunnnn) summer activities.

You literally pour your heart and soul into your home to ensure that every nook and cranny is a direct reflection of your smart, stylish, and fun self. So it’s only natural to look toward the end of the month (yes, school will be out that soon), and wonder… what’s this place going to look like midsummer? Am I going to spend the next four months running around, cleaning up after everyone and feeling like my hair is on fire?

While you were probably talking to yourself when you asked that, we’re here to answer, and with confidence! Your home can still be the beautiful space you want (and need) it to be, and no, you’re not going to have to spend every waking minute keeping up with the kids or have your family’s cleaning professional come every single week. The trick? A well-planned, carefully crafted mudroom. This one room is the secret to simplifying your routine. Up next, we’ll share exactly what you need to make this room flow and function how you need it to, so you can keep being fabulous.

Every Mudroom Needs High Efficiency (and High Fashion) Washer and Dryer

Custom laundry room interior design in Dallas, TX
Laundry room with full-service interior design in Dallas

It's possible that you've already invested in a new, high efficiency washer and dryer. But to make the absolute most out of your mudroom and find joy in the mundane, we recommend you have a washer and dryer combo that you absolutely love, that looks great, and works impeccably. So... if your current set isn't checking those two boxes, it may be time to go shopping.

Everything But the Kitchen Sink... No Really, You Need a Sink

Bigger is better when it comes to mudroom sinks. But also, keep in mind, if your sink doesn’t look lovely, you’re not going to want to look at it. You can opt for a larger, farmhouse-style sink, or just a simple utility sink with a high-end faucet.

The idea is to blend function and fashion, so this sink should be able to rinse muddy shoes and potentially muddy pets, so look for one that works for the whole family, like this space designed with Kohler products.

Mudroom Floors Need Attention, Too

You spent way too much time and money on your floor to let it get destroyed by sand, dirt, chlorine… and let’s be honest… who knows what else your family might be bringing inside from their recent trip to the lake. The good news is that you can protect your floor with a simple, yet stunning, rug.

You can go with an indoor/outdoor option, or one that’s made of washable and durable high-performance material. While the rug itself is important, it’s equally essential to keep spot cleaning materials nearby. Don’t worry, we’ll dive into storage next.

There’s no way around it, your mudroom is going to be home to lots of things. Simple storage options that are easy to access will make your mudroom usable for everyone, without requiring too much time or effort.

If it’s easier to throw dirty clothes on the floor, then that’s what the family will do. But if there’s a lovely, easy to see and use laundry basket, then it’s more likely it will be used properly. Hooks, racks, and baskets are of course requirements for storage. And, don’t ignore the walls- take advantage of all the available space.

Keep in mind, a combination of open storage along with closed cabinets and drawers is the most effective way to keep your mudroom looking great and functioning at top speed. You can store pretty things like folded towels in plain sight, but you can hide the less attractive necessities like cleaning supplies.

Also, make room for things that aren’t necessarily cleaning or utility related, like sunscreen and towels. Any high frequency items that your family uses often should find a home in your mudroom. And do yourself a favor, label all storage.

Make the Mudroom Your Secret Hideout with a Bench

We’ve established the importance of organization in your mudroom, so take it a step further and make it the organizational space. Sure, you have a home office, but using the mudroom as an organizational tool can only help keep the kiddos out of your work life.

Creating a chalk wall or adding a wipe off board is a brilliant way to manage your family’s activities, and keep them in plain sight where everyone has no choice but to look! You can also add fun inspiration and words of encouragement… you never know what might encourage the kids (or husband) to start doing their own laundry, wink wink.

One of the best organizational tools to have in your mudroom is any Amazon Alexa device. We all do our best thinking when we’re right in the middle of doing something else, right? So make your life easier by offloading some tasks to Alexa. Keep your grocery list, set reminders, turn on your favorite tunes, without stopping what you’re doing!

Use Your Mudroom as Your Organizational Hub

Don’t underestimate your mudroom’s potential, it’s also a great place to hide and watch your shows while you “fold clothes.” Find a comfy bench with storage, and you’ve found yourself a new undercover lounge.

There are plenty of bench options with a folding top or cubbies below. If you don’t have enough room for a whole bench, try a storage ottoman or even just a comfy chair. As long as you make it look pretty, it’ll get used.

Don’t Let Bad Lighting Keep Your Mudroom from Being Used

Nothing says “Do Not Enter” quite like a dark or dimly lit space. And the last thing you need is an uninviting mudroom.

It’s possible that your mudroom was built with windows and natural light. If this is the case in your mudroom, then all you need to do is make sure your window treatments don’t block any of that Vitamin D from making its way inside.

But, if natural light isn’t available, no biggie, because again, you now have an excuse to shop. A big, bold overhead pendant light is one option, but you can also consider wall sconces. And, if you’re feeling extra fancy, think about a chandelier. When you’re having a glass of wine under a spectacular chandelier and while the family thinks you’re folding clothes, you’ll be happy you put so much thought into the lighting.

The Wrap Up

A fashionable and functional mudroom is essential in maintaining a beautiful and organized home all summer long. And now that you have our seven musts, you can make it happen! But we know your schedule is a little packed at the moment, so we’re here to help guide you to the mudroom promised land, if you need us! We take care of every little detail from the meet & greet to the final reveal.

Our clients are busy professionals, often juggling multiple homes and priorities, like children, demanding work schedules, and rich social lives. You’ll feel relief, joy, and pride in having a space you love, where you make memories, entertain your loved ones, and seek solace in a busy world.

Click or call to contact us, chat more about your mudroom, and any home design project you have in mind. We’re here to take your ideas, needs, and wishes and blend them with our design expertise, for the best possible outcome and brilliant results.

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