How to accessorize your home

It’s all about the accessories.

No, I’m not switching careers and going into fashion (although I did just attend Jason Wu’s show at New York Fashion Week, and I do believe that accessories are the jewelry of interior design). I’m talking about your home.

And just like all the options out there for putting together an outfit, it can be hard to design your entire house in a cohesive way. If it wasn’t hard, we’d be out of a job -- and too many homes would be a nightmare of clashing patterns, textures and colors.

And this doesn’t apply just to your foundational pieces, such as your furniture, wall color and rugs -- it also applies to the smaller accessories.

If you toss in a bunch of those haphazardly, you’re going to end up with a design that looks like a tornado tore through your house randomly depositing lamps, pillow, artwork and more.

We talked a little bit about layering when we discussed making your lighting fixtures coordinate without matching, especially when it comes to kitchen lighting.

Well, that applies here as well. And putting together the layers of your home can be just as hard as putting together a great outfit -- or cutting through all the layers of an onion without crying.

My article on the art of accessorizing your home appeared this month in Texas Living and is chock full of tips you can apply to your own home. You can download a PDF of the piece here.

And, if everything still seems overwhelming, we’re here to help with design services whether or not you live in the Dallas/Fort Worth area, the great state of Texas or 3,000 miles away.

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