How to Create a Well-Designed Workspace

Were you the person stuck in an office wishing they could just work from home… and thought, work would be easier and life would be better if you didn’t have to leave your house every morning?

Well, like it or not, for most of us that wish was granted.

Of course, no one would have wished this, regardless, this is our reality right now and we are now having to navigate on different terms in a situation that is not ideal. Not everyone is able to thrive in their new work environment because it’s home, strictly that, it’s been a place of rest not work.

You now are being forced to train your brain to go into work mode without leaving the house. Not be tempted to just hang out with your family, watch that movie you never got around to, or the everyday house duties you usually do on the weekend - because let’s face it, every day is starting to feel the same. OR maybe COVID quarantine has changed how your whole company operates, maybe it actually makes sense to work more from home and not waste hours upon hours in traffic every day.

If this relates to you and you need some helpful tips on how to stay productive and create a workspace that you thrive in again, keep reading. We are here to help you turn your home office space into a place you can be your most successful in.

This space might look different for all of us, it could be the actual study you have allocated for tasks like this, maybe it’s the small kitchen desk where you used to only do bills at or multiple rooms in your house because you can’t sit still, I can relate.

I’m actually writing this outside as we speak because I’m tired of being indoors! Whatever the location in your home, it needs to be where your mind can focus, distractions are minimal and you are able to get the job done!!

There are a few things to keep in mind when creating a productive yet inspiring workspace...

Consider Your Workspace Design Layout

Do You Like To Spread Out?

Do you have the proper space to spread out and work? Does your job require a lot of paperwork or do you just use your laptop?

For example, when I’m in the middle of a design project and have multiple samples, papers, and inspirational images I NEED to spread out to let the creative juices flow. Therefore, my dining room table is the best place “currently” for this.

Reasons are:

  1. It's large and I can actually spread my work out to see everything and not lose anything or waste time trying to find it. An organized mess is what I like to call it.
  2. It sits in front of a large window, which means great natural light added to my already bright chandelier. – This is so important! Bright lighting is key to having a productive workspace, it helps you stay focused. Whereas dim lighting could make you want to take a nap.
  3. There’s also a wall of greenery right next to my table that brings me both joy and creativity. It helps to feel inspired in your workspace, whatever that may be for you. Sometimes if might just be that cup of coffee :)
  4. Lastly, there aren’t any dinner parties happening anytime soon so I don’t feel obligated to clean up after myself. Haha. All jokes aside, find a place that works for you and your work habits, rather it’s cleaning up at the end of the day or not.

Do You Like Your "Work Zone"?

If you don’t like to spread out around your house and prefer to have one work zone, here are a few ways to make sure your work area functions the way you need it to. Ask yourself, do you have enough storage? Rather, you are going to work from home permanently, or just for the next few months, your space needs to operate as your corporate or studio office did. Think back on what was most successful in that space.

  • Do you need bookshelves to hold binders or a credenza to hold all your files and office supplies? With this, make sure you don’t overfill your space with furniture because that can ruin the natural flow of your space.
  • I mentioned lighting above but if you don’t have great natural light be sure to have a desk lamp next to you – it also helps with Zoom calls and keeps a nice bright screen image.
  • A comfortable supportive chair, is a must. Like at your office you will still be sitting in the same spot for hours at a time. If you don’t already have one, spend some time researching to find what best fits your needs.

As a reminder, you are at home after all so this is the time and place to hang inspiring artwork, textiles, or tapestries, paint a wall or two if that makes you happy. You don’t have the restrictions of rules and what other people think, make it yours - a place you love walking into every day even if it is only a few steps away.