How to Enjoy Your Patio Year Round

It’s Fall, Y’all

Generally, this time of year doesn’t inspire thoughts about outdoor living, but here in Texas, our weather is pretty mild during the winter months, so it’s still a great time to create an outdoor living area that you can enjoy.

It’s fairly simple to extend your patio season well into the winter and make it feel like a seamless extension of your indoor living areas if you use the same style inside and out. Think of it this way: You’re adding extra square footage to your home.

Here are some tips we use when designing an outdoor oasis for our clients:

Divide outdoor living space into zones

Instead of considering your outdoor space as one big area, break it down into zones. You may want a living room, fireplace conversation zone, or outdoor dining space with a separate kitchen and eating area.

Patio design by ML Interiors Group in Dallas, TX

Figure out the right furnishings for your needs

Consider an outdoor sofa or two with multiple chairs and stools in the living area that can act as side tables or extra seating. A television is a fun way to relax in the fresh air and enjoy the seasonal shows we all love.

Set up multiple chairs around a fireplace or fire-pit to make a cozy spot perfect for conversations.

A dining table is also an excellent way to extend your time outdoors and enjoy family meals al fresco. And don’t forget an outdoor swing: These really add a touch of interest and comfort to the space.

Start with a large rug.

Just like inside, a rug helps define your living space. Today, there are many options on the market that will withstand the elements and create a sense of coziness outside. Ensure you select an outdoor specific rug. Putting a regular rug outside is a recipe for disaster — and mildew — even if it’s a covered space. There are plenty of options made with weather-resistant materials that repel water and resist fading.

Backyard furnishings by ML Interiors Group in Dallas, TX

Choose weather-resistant fabrics and materials.

Just like rugs, everything you put outside, from pillows to chairs and tables, must be made from weather-resistant materials.

Choose performance fabrics for the outdoor upholstery & pillows. Many also resist mildew.

When it comes to other materials, you’ll want to look for hardy woods like teak or ipe and tables made from concrete or metal that won’t rust.

Final design touches for outdoor living: lighting and accessories.

Just like you wouldn’t leave your inside surfaces bare from any accessories or artwork, you need final touches outside, too. Consider live greenery in decorative pots and other organic materials that will withstand the elements, and can be brought inside as needed.

Adding lighting to an outdoor living room can help it feel like a secondary living space of your home – and make it easier to enjoy the dark winter nights when the sun sets early. Lamps, lanterns, and chandeliers can go outside just like any other element, as so long as the material is weather-resistant.

Having cozy throw blankets handy for colder weather is also an easy way to stay comfortable during the cooler months.

If you’re looking for help designing your outdoor oasis (or your indoor oasis!), contact us to get started.

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