How To Select The Best Paint Finish | A Designer's Guide

You have been stuck in your home for MONTHS now (which feels like YEARS). Are you looking to do a minor upgrade while saving money? Are you looking for a little POP of color? Meet my best friend - PAINT.

I wanted to share a quick guide to choosing the perfect finish for your home. The product you put on your walls can make all the difference in how your space feels!

Selecting The Best Paint Finish

In my years running my successful interior design business, I have seen quite a few good AND bad paint jobs. And surprisingly, it is not just color selection that can make your hair stand up and yell OUCH – it is often that the wrong finish that was applied.

The gloss applied on the wall makes a huge difference in how the color is perceived by the human eye. It also affects how durable the paint is, clean-ability, and how easily it can mask imperfections in the wall. More often than not, we collaborate with the professional painter on selecting the sheen, but I have created a quick reference guide for you below.

Selecting The Best Gloss

Some other things to consider when selecting your sheen:

  • The texture of the walls. The flatter the finish you select, the more the product will hide the imperfections of the wall’s texture.
  • How will the room be used? The easiest sheen to clean is the shiniest.
  • The size of the room and lighting. A higher gloss will reflect natural light better and bounce off of the walls, making the room feel a little larger.

You can always ask your painter or the people at the paint desk at your local paint supply store. It’s much easier to get it right the first time! Of course, you can call us to schedule an in-home consultation to discuss paint colors, finishes, and anything else you would care to get a professional opinion on!