How to Stress Proof Your Home By Design
How to stress proof your home is a big promise, isn't it? But it is something I believe is imperative for all of our well being. In these fast paced, overstimulating times, we all need a place we can go to unwind and decompress. And for most of us, that place is our home. Our tag line at ML Interiors Group is that we make homes happier and more efficient by design. We do this through a variety of ways, here are just a few:
Calming Colors

By utilizing colors that calm, rather than stimulate you, you will automatically provide a foundation for stress proofing your home. Many of our recent clients agree with our approach to creating a very neutral "base" color palette and layering in soothing tones. This holds true in any room of the house, from the kitchen to the bedroom design.

Natural Light

Sunshine is a natural mood enhancer. You've heard of "Seasonal Affective Disorder", right? This is a type of depressing that is linked to the seasons - especially the times of year that has a lack of sunshine. So imagine creating a home that allows for the opposite and invites the natural light inside. This is a great recipe for how to stress proof your home. Instead of adding heavy, layered window treatments, simply add light filtering options. And if you need privacy, add the retractable shades for use as needed.

Fabrics and Textures

Imagine your favorite jacket or sweater. Or even your favorite slippers - or pajamas. How do any of those selections make you feel? The weight is juuuust right, the softness is welcoming and cozy and you automatically feel less stressed. This can be applied to your home through upholstery selections, pillow fabrics, throw blankets, area rugs, window treatment materials, linen selections, various tiles and even organic accents.

Concealing Clutter

Y'all. I cannot be the only one who feels an increase in my blood pressure when I'm surrounded by a chaotic mess. And when I say you should conceal clutter, I don't actually mean you should just keep the clutter behind closed doors. I mean you should Marie Kondo that stuff and THEN put it away. But if you don't have time to edit through to pure joy, then edit it enough to fit into an organized space you can retrieve it from as needed. Entry chests, built in shelves, storage baskets and the like are a great place to create a stress proof plan for your home.

House Plants

My mom always had house plants when we were growing up. I never understood WHY but as I've created homes for myself, they were just a natural addition based on the familiarity. And then with time, I recognized the calming effect they bring with them. LIVING plants have their own energy, which is very calming and stress reducing. Sounds woo woo, I know. But try putting a real plant in one room and a faux plant in another and see how it FEELS.

So there ya have it. A few of our tried and true design practices to stress proof your home. Do you employ any (or all) of these details in your home? Anything you'd suggest? I'd love to hear!

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