Part I: A Designer's 10 Tips on How to Make a Small Bedroom Seem Bigger

Who else has struggled with a bedroom layout in a small room?

Whether it was your first apartment, your first home, or even trying to spruce up a guest bedroom... we have ALL dealt with trying to be creative with the few "essential" pieces of furniture in the bedroom - starting with the largest, THE BED.

How to Make Your Small Bedroom Seem Bigger 101

Just because you are working with a small room and large pieces of furniture, does NOT mean you have to sacrifice beautiful design. NEVER. SACRIFICE. STYLE. amen.

We have created our list of 5 tips for making your small bedroom look bigger (don't worry, the rest of the 5 tips will be released next week)!

1. Use Light Colors in The Bedroom.

Okay - so000 we are keeping this tip a little bit vague here BECAUSE you can apply this concept to paint, furniture, decor, EVERYTHING. Light colors reflect light, making it seem brighter and roomier. Darker paint will absorb the light which will make the room feel even smaller.

Michelle's Bonus Tip: Use light colors with a few contrasting elements to create depth and illusion of a larger space! Example: Light walls, white comforter, and then add a black iron bed frame. BAM. CONTRAST.

2. Use Monochromatic Paint.

We touched on this one in the first tip, but it deserves to be hammered home. Coordination and consistency are important in any design and the best place to start is with your paint!

Check out these 2020 Color Trends from Elle Decor. You're welcome ;)

3. Hang Floor-To-Ceiling Curtains.

Adding long curtains just below the ceiling that sweep the floor instantly makes the ceilings look higher!

Michelle's Bonus Tip: Remember how we just talked about using light colors? NO LARGE DARK DRAPES! This will make the tiny bedroom room seem dark and closed off. (Unless you like it that way, of course)

4. Paint the Trim A Slightly Lighter Color

Here is a simple optical illusion that we thought was interesting: paint the trim a slightly lighter color than the walls. Shutterfly says that your eye perceives depth when you incorporate this simple trick in your small bedroom design. It will make the room feel as if the walls are further away, giving your bedroom a more open feel!

5. Be Creative with Storage Solutions Utilize hidden storage or multi-functional furniture.

In this tip, we are talking about space-saving furniture! Use hidden storage or multi-functional furniture in the bedroom. The less furniture that you have in your bedroom, the bigger it will look (it's not rocket science, I swear).

Michelle's Bonus Tip: *Think* storage bench at the end of the bed or built-in storage drawers under the bed. If everything can be tucked in a space-saving spot, you eliminate clutter and give the appearance of more space... MAGIC!

Okay, friends, that's all I have for you today... Stay tuned for next week for (5) more facts about making your small bedroom feel larger! You can always contact us for assistance on your bedroom design or draw inspiration from our project images.