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Have you ever wondered why you should work with an interior designer? What are the benefits?
Also ask yourself: Does your space lack in organization and beauty? Is something "not quite right"? Or maybe nothing is right? Are you looking for a guide to provide design solutions that make you happy every time you enter the room?

As interior designers, we are here to lead you through the entire transformation process. process. Yes, we make spaces beautiful. We also make them functional. At ML Interiors Group, we like to say we make homes "happier and more efficient".

There are some basic details that you can count on with almost any good interior designer: attention to detail, resources that are not available to the public, and a creative vision.

Kitchen designed by ML Interiors Group in Lakewood, TX To see more images of #ProjectPasadenaAve, follow the hashtag on Instagram and see our Portfolio

Here are some of the unique reasons ML Interiors Group should be your guide:

You Don't Have a Money Tree

It’s your money. We don’t have a money tree in our backyard, and we don’t expect our clients to have one either. We set realistic expectations for our client regarding budget for any size design project.

You Want (Need) To Trust Somebody With Your Budget

Not only are we sensitive about your budget, we know how to work within an agreed to amount. We don’t agree to a budget to spend only to come back to you later with our hands out asking for more money. Michelle Lynne spent decades in Corporate America running multi million dollar business units – you can rest assured we can advise you on AND manage your budget.

You Don't Want Somebody Judging How You Currently Live

Our design studio is a “Snob Free Zone”. Our team is down-to-earth - and we have fun doing what we love. Therefore, we don't look at each project as a job, but rather a chance to change the life of our client. We take our work seriously but not ourselves.

Entryway designed by ML Interiors Group in Southcrest, Dallas, TX To see more images of #ProjectSouthcrest, follow the hashtag on Instagram and see our Portfolio

To see more images of #ProjectSouthcrest, follow the hashtag on Instagram and see our Portfolio[/caption]

You Don't Have Time

An interior designer save you time. We begin with the end in mind, fashion the space, and troubleshoot any issues before they escalate. We create timeless design that is durable and lasts through the trends so you're not feeling the need to update your spaces regularly.

You Want A Space That Works For YOU

Our designs are not only beautiful, but they bring functionality to your space. We learn about each person in the household and design for the lifestyle you want to live.

You Don't Want To Be Somebody's Design Experiment

Our team has the education and corporate background to professionally manage any size project. We are not hobbyists, we take design seriously as ours is a business built on expertise, trust and value.

You Want the Truth

You may not always like what we say, but we will not promise you a chef’s kitchen on a busboy’s budget. We don’t like surprises, especially concerning our client’s bottom line.

You Want the Best

We collaborate as a team and often joke that it's "buy one, get three free". You get the benefit of your design not just being the idea or vision of a single designer, rather we kick off every project as a team and meet regularly. This is great for our clients because they get solutions from a variety of perspectives, experiences and styles.

Kitchen and Living Room Renovation in Keller, TX, by ML Interiors Group To see more images of #ProjectBuckingham, follow the hashtag on Instagram and see our Portfolio
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Are you ready to discuss your own interior design or renovation project? Using an interior designer provides you with not only the best possible outcome for your renovation, but also an advocate for your dreams AND your budget.

Let’s schedule a time to “interview us”! We have years of experience creating happier and more efficient homes. We begin every project with a (free) in studio Meet & Greet. Contact the team at ML Interiors Group today at 972-248-4733 or via the website contact form. We offer interior design services in all of DFW and beyond.