Living By Design – Monday Motivation (Oct 13)

Women, I’m talking to you. Evey single one of you who has every looked at a magazine or the television screen or a movie and compared yourself to the images seen. I’m totally guilty of it, but want to take a moment to remind you (and me) that those images are not real. They are well lit, photo shopped, have personal chefs and personal trainers. They are paid to look like they do. It is their job 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Plus, they are only two dimensional – even on TV or in the movie, because they are playing characters. We don’t know that person’s actual character.

So take a moment and recognize your own beauty. Your individual character that is unique and lovely and loved by many. You may not feel beautiful at this very moment. Or maybe you don’t feel beautiful very often. But take a moment and stop comparing yourself to the public images we see of celebrities. Stop comparing yourself to anybody except who you were yesterday. Instead, take a moment and acknowledge that you are uniquely gorgeous. Do it. How often do you actually say something nice about yourself? Often, as women, we are the most criticial of ourselves. So be intentional today and look for something you genuinely love about yourself. It doesn’t have to be a physical attribute.
Living By Design | Monday Motivation | Michelle Lynne Interiors Group Blog | BEAUTY IS IN THE INDIVIDUAL

Don’t focus on the size of your thighs, or the blemish on your chin, your hair that is too curly or too straight. Focus on you being the best you today. Focus on the things you do like such as your ability to make people laugh or your compassion for others or the love your children have for you and re-focus on how true beauty isn’t about just the outside but also the character of the person inside. Combine a “less than perfect” exterior with an amazing and generous interior and the beauty is immeasurable.

Living By Design | Monday Motivation | Michelle Lynne Interiors Group Blog | BEAUTIFUL AS YOU ARETake a moment and ignore the societal pressures you may be feeling and acknowledge the many details that are beautiful and unique to you. Bask in them. Maybe even put a little strut in your step today.

Do you find this difficult? It takes practice. But be intentional and practice it daily. Small steps will take you a long way!

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