Living By Design – Monday Motivation (Aug 25)

Know what I did this weekend? Absolutely nothing. Well, I had a long run on Saturday morning (which wasn’t particularly fun in the Texas heat), but after that I showered and for the rest of the weekend, I read, or watched TV, or slept. It.Was.Awesome.

Stop the busy

I talked to a friend while I was busy doing nothing, and she was shocked at my lack of activity. She even asked if I had some projects around the house that I could do instead. (Of course, there are always project around my own house that need to get done!) After we hung up, I thought about all of the things I could be doing instead of lying on the couch watching the NCIS marathon and I felt bad for about 2 hours seconds and went back to sleep.

I believe that it is important to actually stop doing SOMETHING all the time. It is a way to settle your brain down and recharge your own batteries. Why do we have to be busy all the time? For me, getting the chance to just lie around with my hubs was special. And napping with just the doggies to snuggle with was a great way to spend a Saturday afternoon too. Enjoying church and then a leisurely lunch with the Handsome Hubs and my favorite son, without rushing to be somewhere afterwards was pretty great too. Thank goodness our church is relaxed and jeans were appropriate because I really didn’t even want to get out of my pajamas Sunday morning!


I am admittedly a perpetually busy person. Always have been. But with time and experience (there is something wonderful about being in your 40′s!), I have learned that living a well designed life takes effort. And sometimes the effort is to SLOW DOWN and sometimes to even STOP. Being busy seems to be a badge of honor today. It’s like a contest between people to compare schedules – and the person with the least amount of free time, and the most demanding schedule “wins”. Something is messed up about that, don’t you think? I mean who has the energy to ENJOY life when they are dragging from exhaustion? Even work is more enjoyable when you’re not trying to fight sleep at your computer.

Today I am well rested and re-charged. I do have a demanding schedule this week – three evenings that include business committments (I rarely work evenings!). But I’m not complaining OR bragging. Because I did a whole lot of nothing this weekend to recover from and prepare for the busy schedule I maintain. I highly recommend taking a weekend at least once a quarter, and treating yourself to a an intentional day or two of nothingness. There is no shame in caring for your mental and physical health!

So tell me, do you take time to do nothing? Or does the thought of lying around napping for a weekend make you want to jump into high gear and get some projects done? Is there another way you re-charge yourself?

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