Living By Design – Monday Motivation (Jan 19)

Holy moly! I almost missed Monday. Which is why today’s motivation is going to be about REST. I was running around all weekend and then slept in this morning, skipping my workout AND blog post to feed my need for sleep!

Michelle Lynne's Living By Design Blog Series | #Rest and #SelfCare

Rest & self care are SO important. Think about when you’re flying and the flight attendant tells you to put the oxygen mask over your own nose before helping anybody else. This is the same theory. You have to take care of yourself before you can take care of others. It is also important for your health. Your body needs downtime and SLEEP to heal and fight off illness. If I get sick, it’s because I’m not rested.

Motivation Monday blog series by Michelle Lynne | #Sleep #laughAnd of course, one cannot consider just sleeping a cure all. Fun and laughter counterbalance the stress we put ourselves under…whether it be from the kids, work, finances, or whatever. I adore the time I spend with my friends and family. It never feels like it is often enough, but the laughter sure holds me over until the next visit.

So if you’re feeling a little beat down, stressed out, or exhausted, take some time for yourself. Turn off the TV, put away the electronic devices, have somebody watch the kiddos, and REST. Everything doesn’t have to get done right now. And it doesn’t have to get done perfectly either.

I tell my staff and my husband that I’m taking a “Mental Health Day” when I feel the need to completely unplug and rest. I’m not sick. I’m not unreachable. It just better be good if you interrupt me. haha.

Have you taken a Mental Health Day? Or slept away a weekend to get caught up on your rest and prevent illness? If not, think about doing that for yourself. Regularly.



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