Living By Design – Monday Motivation (July 28)

Last week, in THIS post, I wrote about our thoughts and the power they have over us. How our very own dreams can sometimes be banished by our very own thoughts.

Well sometimes those dreams have yet to even make it to the forefront of our minds to even be recognized as a real thought. Have you ever had a dream or hope in the back of your mind that you never really acknowledged? Stop and think. Do you have one of those dreams NOW? What might be holding you back? For many of us, it is fear. We may not recognize the feeling as fear, because we think that emotion is saved for when we are watching a scary movie. However, we are exposed to so many inputs that we can paralyze our own dreams.

Listen to your voice

Think about it. We are pounded by the commercials, advertisements, television, social media and movie programming. This “noise” wants to think the world is a certain way. Perfectionism is rampant in our society and many of us (myself included!) don’t pursue our dreams because we don’t think we can achieve them based on the standards that are forced upon us. Even if those standards are false.

On television: the female character who comes home from work and starts cooking dinner in the high heels and busines suit she wore to her power job that day.

On social media: the super crafty mom posting on Facebook, Instagram and everywhere else about her super-duper organized house and perfect children…while pinning her next projects on Pinterest.

Those are just two examples of the noise we get fed on a regular basis. The noise we compare ourselves to. Maybe those people are real, maybe they aren’t. In both instances, they are only showing us what they want us to believe is reality.

Who You Think You Are

We compare ourselves to what we are exposed to – and usually end up feeling pretty lousy about who we are NOT. But that shouldn’t keep you from pursuing that dream that is hiding out in the back of your mind. What are you afraid of?

Something going wrong?

Not getting “it” exactly right?

Looking silly in front of friends & family?

These are all really valid reasons that we should acknowledge – and then get over. Unless your dream is to build a rocket-bike that exceeds the speed of sound (or something dangerous in general), then how big of a real deal is something going wrong? You don’t have to take your family’s savings and dump it all into the business idea you have – just start with a small step and measure it’s effectiveness.

So what if “it” isn’t done exactly right? Especially if it’s your first try? Well, “it” is now one step closer to being your reality.

And if you are afraid of looking silly in front of your friends & family, then re-evaluate your relationships because your true friends should be your biggest cheerleaders. Family? Well, you’re kind of stuck with them. But consider that their own fears might be what leads THEM when they aren’t as supportive as you would hope. And you may be surprised at who steps up to cheer on your courageous pursuit.

What If? Hell Yeah

As you’re digging around in your mind, looking for that dream you have pushed back because you were afraid of not succeeding, don’t compare yourself to somebody else’s reality. Stop worrying about “what if” (something goes wrong / I don’t get “it” right / I look silly) and think about all of the things that could go RIGHT. How awesome would that be?

I have the soundtrack from “Rocky” playing in my mind right now. I want to go outside and run up some steps.

Go ahead. Dream your dream. Don’t get stuck in the mire of who you are NOT and focus on what can go RIGHT when you try. And drop me a line below to let me know how it goes. I’ll be cheering you on!


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