Living By Design – Monday Motivation (Mar 2)

It is a sad fact, but our society is very judgmental. Not so motivational for a Monday is it? But hang in there with me, because I encourage you to live the life YOU design and live for yourself.

Live For Yourself | Michelle Lynne Monday Motivation blog | #dontjudge

Of course, you don’t want to live such a self-centered life that you hurt others with your actions, but it is very empowering to NOT live for what other people think. So many of us look to others for validation – it’s like a continual loop from our Junior High School years. This need for validation is not usually in every area of our lives, but stand back and examine where you might find this need.

Validation not required | Michelle Lynne Motivation Monday blog | #validation

Once you identify the area you work unnecessarily to please others, ask yourself why? Why must you do (something) to please (somebody)? Maybe it is not a specific person, but a group of people. And then stand back and see if it is even REAL? For example, at the gym – I used to be self conscious of the form I used when lifting weights, and how much I was lifting. I imagined others were watching and judging me, when in reality when I really looked around, everybody was so focused on their own workout that they were not even paying attention to me. In fact, I’d bet some were feeling the same way I was about themselves!

Happiness does not require approval | Monday Motivation | #LivingByDesign | Michelle Lynne Interiors Group BLOG

It is so freeing when you can live for your own approval rather than somebody else’s. Yes, we all want to feel loved and accepted, but making that your focus can be debilitating. Do what you know is right, and let the rest fall into place. If somebody is judging you, re-assess your relationship with THEM rather than your relationship with yourself. Try it. You might just find an extra nugget of happiness you didn’t know you could claim.



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