Quick and Inexpensive Updates for Your Dream Kitchen

As we all spend more time at home, I’d be willing to bet the kitchen has seen a pretty big share of all that family time. If (between homeschooling at the island, feeding your new sourdough starter, and baking the latest social media craze) you’re realizing your kitchen could use some love, this blog is for you! We know a full kitchen renovation can be daunting (and maybe not in the budget right now), but here are a few easy and inexpensive ways to give your space a facelift (and to get closer to your dream kitchen)...

Swap out the Hardware

Don’t let the term ‘hardware’ fool you. This update is the opposite of ‘hard’. Can you use a screwdriver? If so, you’re all set to swap out those dated cabinets pulls for something more modern.

Try a warm brass tone to be on-trend without worrying about your investment going out of style. Or go for a modern farmhouse look with a matte black finish – this one is great if you’re mixing metals - it goes with everything!

Paint the Cabinets

This one might seem scary, but it’s completely doable with the right tools and preparation! If your space is looking a little blah, try a splash of color – blues, greens, and blacks are the new neutrals. And if that feels like too much of a commitment (we know! It can seem like a lot!) try only painting the lowers. This two-tone look grounds the space and gives it an edge without being overwhelming.

As for the right tools – Did you know they make paint specially made for cabinets? This miracle product can save you the time and headache of hiring professional painters. It’s self-leveling so you can say goodbye to those pesky brushstrokes.

Open Things Up

No, we’re not talking about taking out any walls! Removing the doors on some of your upper cabinets can give you the open display storage of your dreams, without the hassle of hanging floating shelves.

Just make sure you patch and paint the screw holes from the hinges, so it looks intentional! Love the look, but not up for the extra dusting? Replace some of your upper cabinet doors with glass panel doors for the visibility without the maintenance. Most cabinet doors are standard sizes, so you should be able to find some in the size/style you need.

Style & Stage

Sure, the kitchen is a functional space, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be beautiful too. Set a colorful KitchenAid mixer out on the counter – even if you don’t bake all the time. Who knows, maybe it’ll encourage a new hobby? Or plant some small herbs in a windowsill planter for a splash of green and a fresh scent…and maybe another new hobby?

And if you’re reading this thinking “Yes! I want to do all those things and more, but I just don’t have the time/energy/vision!” then give us a call! We’re pros at creating beautiful spaces, without losing sight of your budget. The kitchen of your dreams could be right around the corner…or just in front of you…or downstairs. We don’t know where you are right now. :)