Living By Design – Monday Motivation (Mar 9)

Monday Motivation today, huh? I’m not feeling it. Just sayin’. I know we all have days like this. If I didn’t have so much to get done for clients, I would have climbed back in bed after breakfast and played hooky from work. I’m in Dallas, and it’s been cold and wet and overcast for the past few weeks. We did have a gorgeous day of sunshine last week – Friday, I believe – but I am a California Girl at heart and these clouds are killing my vibe. So what am I going to do to not be a total downer for my colleagues, friends, family and clients? I am going to start with a smile:

Smile, you're designed to | Monday Motivation

It sounds cheesy, but just the act of smiling can elevate a mood. People around you can see and feel the change in your energy. If you answer the phone with a smile, you can HEAR the difference. It’s the first step in breaking out of a crummy mood. If you could see me at my computer, I’m wearing a goofy smile. In fact, here I am:

A forced smile works too | Michelle Lynne Interiors Group

If that isn’t a forced smile, I don’t know what is. But hey – I’m keeping it real.

Be a fountain, not a drain | Monday Motivation | Michelle Lynne Interiors Group

Finally, a key to battling your inner Grump-A-Saurus is to make sure that you don’t drag others around you down the drain. Focus on filling people up, bringing happiness to the air around you and them. (Well, maybe you can’t actually manage a glittery-sparkly-happiness, but just a general positive mood will do the trick.) Let them know you’re not feeling yourself, and they should give you a little grace too, hopefully. And don’t focus on the not-so-positive things that happen…they’ll work themselves out AND feel a lot less overwhelming when you are feeling more like yourself.

Any tricks you have for getting yourself out of a funk? I’d love to hear about them in the comments below!



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