New Office Journal- The First Stop

As you may or may not know, we are searching for a new office space. We had our first stop last week and visited some really cool spaces. What was so cool about them was the artistic vibe they all had. I’m not looking for a warehouse / showroom / office anymore, as we’re unloading all of our large inventory and much of our art & accessories (contact us for more info if you want a private showing of what’s marked for sale at any given time).

The first office space we saw was totally in line with much of what I’m searching for: exposed ceilings, concrete floor, open space, kitchen, storage, and an artistic vibe. 1 Michelle Lynne Office Search

2 Michelle Lynne Office SearchThe next place from the same owner / manager dude also had the concrete floors, and was sort of industrial feeling, but was basically a big, white box. We could add some walls as desired, so the space was definitely customizable.

3 Michelle Lynne Office Search

This was the window – kind of artistically cool.

4 Michelle Lynne Office Search

The last space was a big ol’ warehouse space. Literally. With a ginormous bay door and high ceilings. Kinda cool. And the opposite side, next to the entry door was a smaller bay door that opened to a little patio area. Which, in theory is cool, but it wasn’t covered and Texas doesn’t lend to more than a month or two of al fresco enjoyment.

5 Michelle Lynne Office Search

And while the first office space was definitely a viable option for us, the location has me a little nervous. It’s the south side of Dallas, and while the drive would be a little lengthy, I think the neighborhood isn’t quite re-developed enough to lend us credibility with our luxury clients. A few wrong turns took Debbie & I into an area that wasn’t re-developed at all, and had me running a stoplight or two (sorry, Dad).

So, it’s back to the drawing board. I love the hunt and believe that the artistic, industrial style space is not going to be located as accessible as I’m hoping for. And if I’m driving downtown, or to the Design District for work every day, the rest of the details are going to have to line up pefectly. I’m pretty realistic and hopeful that we’ll be able to get something a little more convenient (for us AND our clients that are in both Dallas and up north in Frisco and such). Stay tuned! We’re checking out a space tomorrow and then a handful next week. Fingers crossed!

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