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Living By Design is not just a blog series. It is a way of creating the life you want to lead. For me, that includes travel. I am inspired by getting out of my own routine and my own general space and observing foreign and unique styles. This could be traveling outside of Dallas and spending time a couple of hours away at a lakehouse or a mountain cabin. Or visiting a new and unfamiliar city as my husband & I often do for our annual combined anniversary / birthday vacation together. We have been to San Diego, multiple resorts on the Mexican Riviera, Washington DC, and Napa (so far).

I have a natural wanderlust. I have lived in multiple cities in various states, including California, New Mexico, Nevada and Texas. I travelled overseas quite a bit before getting married. I love the complete foreign-ness of visitng other countries. I love not knowing exactly what I am going to find around the corner. I love the food and the smells and the sound of foreign languages. I love knowing that I am the minority when I travel.

Living By Design | Travel | Michelle Lynne Interiors Group Blog Series

It is so easy to get caught up in my own little world. Whether it be making my home more beautiful, my business more successful, or my marriage more fulfilling, it is just a tiny blip on the radar of the world. Even living in The Big D and the state of Texas, it’s just a small part of the whole globe.

Living By Design | Travel | Michelle Lynne Interiors Group Blog Series

I mentioned that I travelled overseas quite a bit BEFORE getting maried. The last (almost) seven years, the only “foreign” travel I have done has been to the beaches of Mexico. The Handsome Hubs hasn’t been a big fan of flying so anything more than a few hours hasn’t been on the itinerary. Whether it was anxiety about flying in general, or cramming his 6′ 3″ frame into the minimal seating – or a combination of both, but we are finally confirmed for our first overseas trip together! Whoop whoop! I just booked a trip to the Amalfi Coast in Italy. We are going to rent a villa and really submerge ourselves in Italian culture for 10 days in April. This is a verified photo from the villa we will be enjoying:

Michelle Lynne travel plans for Spring includes an Italian Villa | Living By DesignI am so ridiculously excited that I can barely wait until April. I’m already planning what I’m going to pack and what I want to see. This is going to be such an inspiration for my creativity. I am also so excited that I get to experience this amazing trip with my Handsome Hubs. Of course, I’m still a huge fan of exploring our own gorgeous country, but I’m hopeful it is the first of many overseas adventures we share. Stay tuned, I’m sure I’ll be writing more about the planning and execution of this trip.

How about you? Where are some of your favorite places to travel and experience new things? Or where do you WANT to go?

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