New Office Journal – It’s Official! I Have the Keys!

Michelle Lynne - Dallas Interior Design

For those of you waiting on the edge of your seat, wait no more. We have secured a new space for our design studio and world headquarters at 4542 Beltline Road in Addison. We’re ready to take Dallas interior design by storm.

To refresh your memory, my original vision was an industrial, creative downtown office with inspiring views. But then, I had an “AH HAH!” impromptu marketing moment, changed direction, and came up with a new vision, one where instead of hiding the design studio INSIDE a building, I would use its design to attract new clientele. After careful deliberation, this is the path we are taking and I could not be more excited.

I knew this space was a great fit the moment I stepped inside. I can’t see the space perfectly yet because of an unfortunate lack of electricity, but I can see enough to imagine the layout, and certainly enough to be dangerous. Once the lights are on, I will be able to tap into my full design vision.

Here are a few interior shots:

Michelle Lynne - Office Interior BEFORE

I love the front of the existing space because of all the light. But, we will be making some major adjustments by taking down all of the interior walls to create one large studio, except for a space in the back, which will become a kitchen and bathroom.

Michelle Lynne - Office BEFORE

Believe it or not, but this space used to be a beauty shop. So, there is a lot of plumbing that we are going to have to cap and remove.

Michelle Lynne - Office BEFORE

With some flashlights, Debbie and I actually managed to get some measurements of the back 1/3 of this space so we can begin drawing out the plans.

In fact, as soon as we left the space, I was able to draw out the general vision of what I wanted. Please excuse the chicken scratch! It’s all part of the creative process.

Michelle Lynne - Office Design Concept

Now, the fun begins. It’s time to order the permits and start the demolition! Updates on the space and the contractor selection process are to come. I can’t wait to dig into the design aspect. Though I have to admit, there is a lot more EMOTION involved when designing for myself versus a client. But, it is a rare opportunity to see things from another perspective. Something I am sure will help me in future projects.

Wish us luck and stay tuned for updates!


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