New Office Journal – Original Move In

Before I dive in to show you our original space, as it was when we moved in back in 2011, I want to clarify that WE ARE STILL OFFERING OUR STAGING SERVICES. We are just unloading the large items we carry in inventory, and thus a lot of financial overhead. As a business owner, you gotta be nimble AND leverage the expertise of others. In this case, outsourcing our furniture and case goods inventory to CORT Furniture makes really good sense.

Anyway, back to the post. In this “New Office Journal” blog series, I will be sharing the evolution of the old space from 2011 until present, as well as walking through the ideas for our new space as they are explored and confirmed. Today I want to have a little “Flashback Friday” and share with you the showroom as it was when we moved in. So without further ado, check out this gorgeous office we moved into back in 2011:

Original Showroom 2011

Original Showroom 2011

Who wouldn’t want that glorious green on their walls? Thank goodness I am a professional and could see past the ugly. Here is what the space looked like with a coat of paint. Whew. That made a HUGE difference.

Painted Showroom 2011

Painted Showroom 2011

We thought we were so fancy. We had a LIVING ROOM in our office space! I look at this style and am grateful it’s Flashback Friday because those plaid pillows are killing me.

After: Showroom 2011

After: Showroom 2011

Here is the same evolution from the reverse angle, looking towards the front of the space:

Before - Showroom 2011

Before – Showroom 2011

Painted Showroom - 2011

Painted Showroom – 2011

After - Showroom 2011

After – Showroom 2011

What do you think about that ginormous palm tree? That was a GREAT tree, but so large it was not used in too many projects. It mostly lived in that corner because it took up so much space, it was difficult to navigate around even in the warehouse. I think function outweighed our glamour back in 2011.

Wow. What a difference a few years make! Pop on over to our Portfolio to see what I’m talking about. What do you think? Can you see our style evolution?

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