What NOT To Do – Paint Selection

I thought I would mix things up a bit and start a little series about what NOT to do in relation to interior design and staging. Some helpful hints that will hopefully prevent some design disasters, as well as some potential comedic relief.

Let’s start with selecting paint. It’s tempting to see a color in a room on Pinterest or Houzz or even just walking by the paint department at Lowe’s or Home Depot and think it would be perfect for your space. How many of these “favorite paint color” boards like the one below have you seen? Hundreds if not thousands, depending on how often you’re scrolling social media. And looking at this now, aren’t you tempted to compare which one would look awesome in your house?

My point, however long it is taking to get to, is that you must be patient, and do NOT just pick a color from something you’ve seen, purchase gallons of it, and start painting your space.

Instead, get a sample to apply to the actual walls you wish to transform. The lighting, the upholstery, the metals, the flooring, all affect the way the color reads on your walls. I personally swatched about a half dozen grays on my walls a few years ago, all of which had worked beautifully in various client projects. I thought I would have an easy go of selecting a color, but found that between our wood ceilings and the lighting in my house, the selections looked more like cinder block. Neither my husband nor myself enjoyed the feeling of prison walls and had to go with a color that had a little more beige with the gray. Boy, were we glad we didn’t just assume a color would work and slap it on the walls!

So take your time. Put various swatches of paint on your walls and watch how the colors change over the course of the day with the lighting. Another tip: paint the wall white behind the swatches. They look much different against a white background than against your existing color!

There you go. Be patient. Paint swatches on a white background. Don’t buy gallons of paint until you’ve seen the color on your own walls and lived with it in various lights (or you may end up feeling like a prisoner in your own house).

And if you need help narrowing down a color for any room in your house, send me a note and we can help, no matter where you live!

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