New Office Journal: Design Studio Throwback Thursday

As you know, we’re moving out of our old Dallas offices and into a new design studio in Addison, so I thought I would share a few throwback moments in our office from 2013. We moved into the space in December of 2012 so these pics are about a year into our tenancy.

2013 Design Studio Review

Below is Lori organizing her office space. Isn’t she cute?

Through the open door, there is 3,000 sf of staging inventory. Just for the record, we are NOT getting out of the staging field, we’re just lessening our overhead. You can imagine how much work goes into managing all that inventory.

Michelle Lynne offices in 2013

Lori organizing the office in 2013.

This is our “living room”. We used to showcase our staging inventory for individuals / stagers / investors to come in and lease. This line of business didn’t take off as well as I would have wanted, so it’s part of the reason we’re lessening the overhead. Too much STUFF. Plus, it’s a lot of maintenance! So now, Lori + Debbie + I are all working in this area – the collaboration is better. If we want to really zone out, we each just put our headphones on.

How ’bout that ginormous palm tree in the back? It hid our electrical panel pretty well – but was never used in a staging, so it went bye bye.

The living room at Michelle Lynne's office in 2013.

Our desks are now in the former “living room”.

This was a little vignette we had at the entry. It was fun to switch out the inventory in our offices – but since it wasn’t making us money, it’s another reason we’re downsizing. It’s all about the numbers, folks. But again – we are NOT departing the staging biz – so don’t you worry, we’ll still be bringing some of these fun touches to the homes for sale in the Dallas areas, not to mention the fun interior design work we’re tackling!

A vignette in the "entry" of Michelle Lynne offices in 2013.

Vignette in the “entry” circa 2013.

Can’t wait to show you photos of our NEW studio offices. The demo is done and they are starting to sheetrock this week (I hope).

And just to re-iterate, we are NOT getting out of the home staging line of business, we’re just getting rid of a lot of the inventory!



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