Master Bedroom Makeover

We started a design project just before the Thanksgiving & Christmas holidays last year, and have had great fun working with a client who had just purchased a new home and wanted some assistance making it special.  She was relatively recently married and this was going to be the couple’s first “real” home together.  Plus, she found out she was already a few months pregnant shortly after they closed on the house.  Mama Mia!  We were on a deadline!

After spending some time getting to know her and what she wanted her house to feel like, we got right to work.  The main areas that needed to be primarily addressed were the husband’s office space, the family room, formal living & dining and the master bedroom; of course, there were the areas in between like the hallway, powder bath, and the eat in kitchen so the house was cohesive.  Really our work was to make her house a home.    

While the master bedroom wasn’t her highest priority, I believe everybody needs a sanctuary to come home to.  Yes, the entire home should be a refuge, but the master bedroom especially should be a place where the adults can close the door to the rest of the world and just BE.  Here is what my client and her hubs went to sleep in every night before we met:


Master Bedroom BEFORE

Master Bedroom BEFORE


Forgive me in advance, all of these photos were taken with my iPhone.  And I think the shot above had me a little shaken up with the bumblebee yellow on the walls.  NOT a peaceful environment!  Plus, what to do with that weird window above the bed?  This was the only position their king size could fit in so we had to make it work.


Master Bedroom IN PROGRESS

Master Bedroom IN PROGRESS


Contrary to popular belief and “reality” TV, a bedroom makeover can NOT be done  in one weekend.  I searched and searched for an upholstered headboard (and frame) that would fit under the window and finally found one with Stanley Furniture that was the right color and style – and was JUST the right height to fit under the window.   Since the soon-to-be-Momma wasn’t sure what to expect with a new baby, we opted for simple white bedding that could be bleached easily, and a blanket that aded just enough interest, but would also be machine washable.  You can’t really tell in this shot, but it’s a deep, delicious plum color.  

We also had to find some narrow nightstands, because the closet door opens towards “this” side and swings wide.  Plus she preferred something with drawers so her husband’s side didn’t collect stuff (“stuff” isn’t the word she used, but you know what I mean).  Problem was how to fit a lamp + alarm clock + anything else on the top of a 30″ surface without it looking cluttered?


Bedside Chandelier.  SO functional and SO glam.

Bedside Chandelier. SO functional and SO glam.


Brilliant!  And you can’t see it, but there is a switch behind the light fixture so just a simple stretch of the arm and POOF there is light.   Sorry for the tiny picture, I couldn’t get it right side up in it’s original size.  Operator error, yes.  I do design better than technology, thank you.

Back to the project, because that darned window above the bed is still an eyesore, right?  I’ve got just the solution….


Master Bedroom Curtain Install

Master Bedroom Curtain Install


 A wall of fabric behind the bed.  YUM YUM.  We sewed together 3 sheer panels and put them directly in front of the window so the room would still capture the natural sunlight when they wanted it, or they could close the blinds when they wanted a cozy little cave.  We then put silk panels on either side of the window, all the way to either end of the wall.  Be still my heart.  I am in love.  

Don’t forget, these are photos captured from my phone, so bear with me until the entire project is complete and we break out the fancy camera.  Well, actually Lance’s fancy camera – he is the professional photographer dude.  

Until then…drumroll, please….


Master BR AFTER (iPhone quality photo)

Master BR AFTER (iPhone quality photo)


TA DA!!!!  It’s a quick, informal shot but I couldn’t wait any longer to share.  Scroll back up and check out that first picture, remember the bold yellow walls?  Yeah.  I like this better too.


Need a bedroom makeover?  Give us a call and we can help transform your room into the a retreat that YOU dream of.


Differences Between Decorating and Home Staging

Decorating your home and staging your house are often thought of as being very similar when in reality they are HUGELY different.

When decorating, your personal design style tends to come out in the furniture, fabrics, colors and accessories that you place throughout your home. 

If you are staging your home to sell, you don’t want to “decorate”  to your liking – you want the buyers to be able to see themselves and their items in the space.


Below are some examples of the differences between home staging and decorating:



 Black and white photos are a great idea for decorating your home.  However even though these kids are cute, they won’t help sell your home. 

Personal touches are not appealing to a potential buyer so they should be minimized.



Themed rooms for children are creative and exciting when decorating your own home.  When staging to sell your home,  it is about the potential buyer,

not yourself or your family.  Try and keep furnishings and window coverings simple and universal.



Staging is all about showcasing the space's assets.  This kitchen staged by Michelle Lynne INTERIORS Group is a great example of how this can be done in a neutral, yet attractive manner.

 Staging is all about showcasing the space’s assets.  This kitchen staged by Michelle Lynne INTERIORS Group is a great example of how this can be done in a neutral, yet attractive manner.

 dos for selling 2

Less is more in most cases, but DEFINITELY  true when trying to sell your home. 

This kitchen staged by Michelle Lynne Interiors Group is an example of how all the clutter (including countertop appliances) is taken away and the space looks clean lined and “not lived in”.



I hope briefly going over  the major differences between home staging and decorating are helpful in your next venture!   However, there are so many more that I didn’t even get to mention, so please give us a call for your next project as soon as possible so you don’t make any mistake between home staging and decorating!

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Easy Living Room Transformation

This formal living room was in need of some pizzazz!  

It’s one of the first rooms guests see when entering the house and it does not have the same WOW factor as the rest of the house (we’ll get those photos up soon).  Our suggestion to the client:  purchase some shelving and place on either side of the sofa.  We could have suggested side tables with lighting, but she preferred the idea of shelving and plus, it gave some height to help balance the super high ceilings.

We then advised the client on what colors and styles of accessories to purchase for the shelves.   Throughout the project, she has proven to have excellent shopping skills – following our instructions “to the T”.  She may have a future assisting here at Michelle Lynne INTERIORS Group?  Hmmm….

Formal Living Before Transformation

Formal Living Room Before Transformation



The next step?  We then went back and “merchandised” the shelves with the goodies she purchased.  



Formal Living Room After Transformation


…and Ta-da! See what happened by adding those shelves?  The accessories are placed in a manner to create balance now and the shelves flank either side of the sofa to create a cohesiveness and formality to the room setting.  

Our client is still looking for a floor lamp that will fit to the left of the oversized chair (left side of the photo…you can’t really see where it would go, but it will add lighting that isn’t overhead).  We’re suggesting something that allows a 3-way bulb, because function is still important – even in a pretty space.

Do you have a room that just needs a little “something something” but don’t know where to start?  We can provide you with a consultation and give you suggestions to do it yourself, or we can do it all for you.  

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Organizing Countertop Makeup

 I was working on the master suite of one of my redesign clients a couple of months back and noticed that the convenience of her makeup on the bathroom countertop was creating some visual clutter in the space so I decided to organize it so that it was still functional while also being aesthetically pleasing.  This is a combo that makes my OCD and my pragmatic nature very very happy. 

Below you’ll see what I saw.  It’s your typical acrylic makeup holder that you can buy at any corner drugstore.  Yes, it’s FUNCTIONAL but it hurts my head to look at it, especially as we’re rocking the design in her master suite to read with a five star hotel vibe.  This isn’t cutting it.

Makeup Organization BEFORE



An easy solution for your makeup brushes and other cylindrical beauty items?  A short vase filled with coffee beans.  Notice we’ve got the brushes, eyeliner, mascara, lipliner AND her foundation submerged into the coffee beans…which gives off a lovely aroma whenever they are mixed about.  And the tweezers are perched on the outside lip of the vase so they don’t drown in the beans.  I purchased a lovely mirrored box and put the rest of the items in there, and while it’s difficult to see the interior, there is PLENTY of space for her items.  Yes, they are neatly arranged for the moment, but they would all still be very accessible when rushed and things get tossed and scattered.  I shot these pics with my iPhone and can’t find the photo with the box closed and the countertop nice and tidy, but we’re coming to the close of the project and will have some professional shots to display soon.  Stay tuned….




I enlist a similar organizational tactic at my house…granted I have a LOT of makeup (especially lip sticks & lip glosses!) so I have to keep my “daily favorites” in the countertop access.  My not-every-day items are stored in the drawers and cabinets below and out of sight until it’s time to go glam.  What do you think?  Need help organizing your daily task items so you’re not stressed out by the visual clutter?  We can help!

Home Stager vs Interior Designer

 A Home Stager… 

has the responsibility of transforming your home to sell fast and at the best possible price. They package your home into a marketable product and make every attempt to work with the furnishings you already own. A well-staged home will grab the attention of the greatest number of potential buyers. At the end of the staging process, you have a home that suits the personal preferences of your target market. 





An Interior Designer…

has the responsibility of making your home functional and comfortable. They consult with you to get an understanding of your behavior and then develop a game plan that meets your specific needs and desires. To accomplish this the designer will bring in new home furnishings and change the layout of your home. At the end of the design process, you have a home that you love that suits your personal preferences.






Important Note: A Home Stager is your best option to sell your home quickly and cost effectively.


An Interior Designer can choose to be certified by the National Council for Interior Design Qualification (NCIDQ).

The NCIDQ is an independent non-profit organization. They are completely objective and their mission is to protect the public. They establish the standards for required skills of an Interior Designer.

Home Staging is a growth industry and is an unregulated field. There is no organization comparable to the NCIDQ that sets rules for identifying qualified Home Stagers.

Some Home Staging courses do offer certification to their students.  As a result, there are many types of certificates out there. It is not necessary nor required by law for a Home Stager to have any of these certifications. Some Home Stagers are self-taught and others may get training. An individual’s level of expertise in Home Staging is dependent upon their motivation and devotion to mastering staging techniques.  My personal fave is The Academy of Home Staging…but as an instructor, I’m probably a little biased.

Stay tuned for the difference between an Interior Designer and a Re-Designer / Decorator / Interior Stylist….





Michelle Lynne Adds New Staging Service

Check it out, y’all!  We are adding a new service to our existing menu of staging & design services.  I’m not exactly sure what it’s going to look like, but it has been on my heart for about 6 months so I know it’s something to pursue.  

We are rolling out a “Staging to SERVE” feature to by Michelle Lynne and while it’s yet undefined, if I know that if I didn’t get it on our website and announce it to the world (well, maybe not the world but at least to the immediate blogosphere) that it may never take shape.  So click HERE to learn a little more about our Staging to SERVE!

Staging to DWELL “Street Cred”

Street cred.  Short for Street Credibility and defined by the Urban Dictionary as “Commanding a level of respect in an urban environment due to experience in or knowledge of issues affecting those environments.”  (It can also be defined by how many years in prison you’ve spent or how many tattoos you have, but we’re choosing this definition for our purpose today.)

So, street cred (as defined above):  We got it.  And today I’ll show you how we got it for our Staging to DWELL service:

Y’all know the little ol’ Texas baseball team, the Texas Rangers, right?  Yeah, that’s right, the 2 time defending American League Champions….tx-rangers

So I’m sure you’re wondering “how in the world does Staging to DWELL correlate with baseball??”   Well, I’ll tell ya.  We had the privilege of staging two of their town homes to DWELL for their new players relocating to Dallas.  Yeah, it’s only temporary housing and not a big mansion that they’ve purchased for their permanent residence, but if our staging is good enough for the Texas Rangers, shouldn’t it be good enough for you?

Here are some photos and if you want to see more of these spaces, as well as our other work, you can click HERE for our You Tube channel or visit our website at

Texas Ranger Townhome #1 Living, Dining, Kitchen View

Texas Ranger Townhome #1 Living Room Close Up

Texas Ranger Townhome #1 Dining

Texas Ranger Townhome #2 Living Room

Texas Ranger Townhome #2 Dining & Kitchen

Texas Ranger Townhome #2 Dining Close Up

Texas Ranger Townhome #2 Master Bedroom