8 Tips for Organizing your Kitchen

8 Tips for Organizing your Kitchen

We are all spending A TON of time in our kitchens lately because of COVID-19 and let’s face it, it’s not as organized as we want it. Here are your eight tips for organizing your kitchen during the quarantine!


1. Make a big mess

Yes, really. MAKE. A. BIG. MESS.

It’s going to get worse before it gets better. But you can’t really know exactly what you have unless you take it all out. Clear out every cabinet, open every drawer, lay it all on the counters, step back, and take it all in. 

Now let’s start organizing your kitchen.


2. Let it goooo, let it goooooo

Now that you’ve taken it all in, it’s time to channel Frozen and let it goooooo.

Look for expired foods as an easy starting point – if you haven’t used them by now you probably never will.

Take the same approach for your kitchen gear – do you really need that specialty egg slicer that still has the tags on? 



3. Get in groups

Think about how you actually use your kitchen and organize accordingly.

Does it make sense to categorize by function or do you have a lot of multi-purpose items? If you only use one set of glasses every day, you don’t need to use up prime cabinet space on your fancy crystal.

Try sorting by how often you use things or where in your space you’ll need access. Having coffee mugs near the Keurig will be a lot more efficient than trying to keep all your glassware together. 


4. Try a splash of color

You might even try sorting by color!

This one is particularly effective for the visual folks and works surprisingly well for food. It might sound crazy to keep a jar of cherries and ketchup in the same bin, but hear me out…

When you’re moving fast, it might be easier to think that salsa is red instead of remembering whether you put it with sauces or snack foods. Plus the ROYGBIV approach is always a stunner. 


5. Think outside the kitchen

As you work on wrangling your newly categorized items, you’re likely going to need some help with the smaller items.

Clear bins and drawer dividers are great basics but don’t be afraid to venture outside of the kitchen section. Office organizers, media bins, and even closet accessories are all great options for corralling oddly shaped kitchen accessories.  


6. Function over form

If you’re anything like me, you’ve spent some time on social media ogling those perfectly color-coded celebrity closets and those individually arranged Oreos.

While that may work for the Kardashians, it certainly doesn’t for me. So if you’ve got enough on your hands without worrying about having a snack for each color of the rainbow, you’re in good company.

Do what works for you – Keep the Oreos in their package. This is YOUR space and you should be organizing your kitchen for YOU and your family to use.


7. Or maybe form over function…?

The debate over open shelving rages on. Whether your camp can’t-stand-em or can’t-live-without-em, I think we can all agree that it’s nice to have a little bit of pretty amidst the practical. 

So order those colorful cookbooks (even if you never read them) or give grandma’s heirloom platter a place of honor on the shelf. A beautiful kitchen 


8. Label it

This is particularly helpful for those of us with messy housemates. Labels are the PERFECT way to organize your kitchen.

It might seem silly to label a drawer for silverware when that’s clearly the only thing in it. But when you’re not the one unloading groceries or putting away clean dishes, you’ll be grateful for the clarity.