The Business of Interior Design: Always Be Learning

the business of interior design is always
So I’m sitting here at The Design Influencers conference, formerly known as The Design Bloggers Conference. And ironically, I’ve learned that I’m not doing a great job creating my blog posts. Nor is my website well optimized for organic search. Oh yippee. There is always something to do or fix when you’re a business owner.

So I’m not going to try to “fix” what I haven’t been doing in this post.  I’m pretty happy to get it written at all this week, considering I’m traveling and trying to keep up with all the conference content…and believe me, the speakers are rich.

The design influencers conference key speakers.

I mean, really, if you’re an interior design enthusiast, you will recognize some of these names. And in addition to these rock stars, there are “everyday” designers who have found some great success in various niches. These very approachable experts share their experiences with us from the same stage as the big names.

When you are a business owner, whether it is interior design or in another field, it’s important to continually learn new things. I’m guilty of often continuing my education mostly via books and digital products – and being a hermit in my own development.  BUT getting out and meeting people is also key. Making connections and learning new things via actual conversations is invaluable. I’m really looking forward to continuing the conversations I started with the people I’ve met so far!

Attending the 2019 Design Influencers Conference | Michelle Lynne, Dallas based interior designer

Speaking of meeting people, I really want to encourage you – no matter what field – to share ideas with others. Collaborating and comparing what you have found successful (or not) will not water down your success. YOU are YOU. And nobody else delivers your material the same way you do.

So. Back to the conference.

If you’re an interior designer / decorator or design blogger who has been wondering whether you should attend this event, so far I would definitely suggest it. It’s two days into the content and I think my money has been well spent. So even if the next day and a half suck, I’d still feel good about the trip.