A Cool & Eclectic Design

Every once in a while in this industry you meet a prospective client whose style you wonder what in the heck you’re going to do with. That style is cool. But so eclectic that blending it is a serious exercise in editing and arranging. We had the pleasure of meeting such a couple last year whose cool and eclectic style created a beautifully designed home.

The couple was recently married, and in fact, the Mrs. was lying on the beach in Thailand when she found us via Instagram. (Yay for social media!) She did not know it at the time, but we had a mutual connection via my in-laws…they are good friends with each other!


The Mr. has an artist in his family and has a whole bunch of original art. Plus, he traveled the world before he was married and had collected a LOT of furniture, art, and accessories of a very global nature. He had so much stuff, that he had an entire storage unit of items he had never been able to fit into the condo he lived in prior to meeting his bride. Blending his existing items with her (more reserved) style was first on our to-do list. The couple had just purchased a newly built home in the Lakewood neighborhood of Dallas. The new construction was filled with unique antique doors, reclaimed beams, and beautiful lighting selections. Our task was to identify which existing items to keep, and what needed to be purchased in order to make the house feel like home.

Bold, worldly red bench and original art grace the hallway of this Lakewood new construction home | Interior design dallas | ML Interiors Group

Paring bold shapes and colors with traditional materials and textures softens the hallway vignette. Adding greenery to any space transcends ALL styles.

Lakewood eclectic home | Worldly formal dining room | Dallas Interior Design | MLInteriorsGroup.com

A globally inspired dining room is centered around the imported dining table and chairs, complete with inlaid pearl. This unique dining set is complemented by the glamorous crystal and brass chandelier. We created simple window treatments that gently framed the room in order to let bold and eclectic decor hold your attention.

Globally inspired decor in this eclectic, new construction home in the Lakewood, Dallas neighborhood | Interior Design by ML Interiors Group | Addison, TX

Yes. This is a swing; and it has the sweetest story of why it “had” to be included in the design. When the couple were first dating, they would sit on this swing and talk for hours or watch television. All while snuggled up together. This piece of artistic furniture is in the living room, still with a great view to the television if the lovebirds want to sit and reminisce.

You can see more of the overall design in our portfolio HERE or via Instagram using the search #ProjectPasadenaAve.

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