Why Choose an Interior Designer for eDesign?


eDesign During Shelter In Place

eDesign is in great demand, especially as we all Shelter In Place. People are asked / required to stay home during the COVID19 crisis and it’s changing how we look at our spaces- it’s amazing what you see when you’re in your house all-day-long, indefinitely.

Modsy and Havenly are the two of the current virtual design services but are really the design studio equivalent to pop up shops. The pricing is spectacular, and the websites have beautiful and inviting photos of cool 3D renderings and “after” pictures, but the solutions may be temporary at best.


What makes a professional design studio’s virtual design program the better choice?

It’s really simple – professionalism and expertise. Who is creating your design on these other platforms?

They say their team are designers and have special training. Where are they from? And how much training do they really have? Most are designers who have just graduated and are looking for a “real” job or hobbyists who use this as a little extra cash on the side.

The thought of enlisting one of these eDesign services makes me think of those random people who pop up in a chat room when you’re trying to look at something online. “No thanks, Karen, I don’t have any questions about my wireless”.

You don’t see anyone on these virtual design websites – just random names in the review section which attempts to make it personal. But is it? Do these people really exist, Karen?


Professional Interior Designer’s provide a luxury service.

I like to compare it to getting your hair styled – yes, I can go to CVS and buy hair color in a box and do it myself. Following a YouTube tutorial on hair, coloring is the design world’s equivalent to budget eDesign. Guidance but no real professional advice.

Remember those Pinterest fails that you see? That could be the result. You get what you pay for. Plus, that box of hair color has limited options – just like online design services.

These online design companies get a kickback from the vendors they use in your designs, and the more they use a company, the better the return.


How does that make it personal when there is an incentive to “mass produce” a project? 

Yes, they are less expensive. I’ll give you that. They do claim to provide the same service that we do. But for those of you who like to be served and feel that you are being treated in a luxurious manner, check out our eDesign options where we dig into what you really want, for how you really live.

Interior Designers Offer a Personalized eDesign Service

We often discover what our clients didn’t know they wanted! AND we provide the BEST solutions available, not just those who provide us a financial incentive to sell their product.

When you sign up for our eDesign service, we take into account where you live, how you live, what design style you tend to favor, and wait for it…. Your BUDGET!


You Get What You Pay For…

Remember, you get what you pay for- we know how to be creative and work within your means to give you a beautiful space based on your financials- not how much we can make from a vendor. BTW- we don’t get kickbacks because we personalize our eDesigns, they are not mass-produced where we get an incentive to use a particular brand.

So, if you want something true to your personality and lifestyle, check out professional eDesign, and stay out of the hair color aisle! 😛


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ML Interior Group | eDesign Services


Looking for a plan that provides professional interior design concepts that you can do-it-yourself in your own home? Then look no further than our eDesign virtual services.

You get the full benefit of our professional interior design services online.

You’ll get everything you need to update your home: design boards, paint colors, furniture specifications and more.

Your friends and family will be so impressed to learn you put everything together yourself — with just a little bit of our help, of course.

This is a great option if you don’t live in the Dallas / Fort Worth area and still want to get our stylish plans.

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