Getting Ready For Guests | Bathroom Edition

Depending on your home, you may have a dedicated guest bath that is off the main path, OR the guest bath may be used by individuals others than those just staying with you. Therefore, when you are expecting guests, it is very important to keep the bathroom tidy, organized, and looking great.


With basic necessities in plain sight, your guests will not have to rummage through your cabinets in order to find what they are looking for or request you make multiple trips to fetch anything they may need. Here are a few tips on how to do this simply and easily.


1. Declutter. Declutter. Declutter!

Start by removing all non-essentials from your bathroom countertops. Photos, knick-knacks, decorative soaps, and so forth only create clutter when guests need a place to put their items. To clear the space, store your stuff away in a closet or drawer that won’t be needed.


2. Condense and Consolidate.

Consolidate bath products in a nice basket or on a tray that matches the decor of the bathroom; sample sizes and hotel collections are ideal. (A fave: Aveda’s travel line of products.)

If your bathroom is large, you can leave the items on the countertop, otherwise, place it on the ledge of the bathtub or tuck it in a corner that is obvious for your guests to find and utilize.


Hospitality is making your guests feel at home.

3. Utilize Those Decorative Containers!

If space is tight, use the top of the toilet tank as a resting spot for a narrow container filled with lotion, mouthwash, cotton swabs, lip balm, antibacterial hand gel, travel size toothpaste, and a (new) toothbrush.

Again, hotel samples or travel size products are ideal.

When guests leave, slide the container under the sink and bring it back out when getting ready for the next guests! If you replenish the supply immediately, you will be ready for even unexpected guests!


4. Splurge a Little (It’s for your guests!)

Yes, I am giving you explicit permission – SPLURGE. You have guests coming – it’s time to impress!!

Set a luxurious hand towel by each sink and be sure your soap is full. I really like a more neutral container that adds an extra layer of decor, while also being functional.


5. Paper Storage

Paper products: a large hurricane or wicker basket is a great way to store an extra roll or two in a decorative manner.


6. Label, Label, Label

You can also label any additional items in your cabinet space so your guests can easily find a hairdryer, extra towels, air freshener, first aid supplies, etc. Handwrite what items they will find when they open that space so they are not having to hunt!