10 Free Ways You Can Enjoy Your Home While Sheltering In Place

10 Free Ways You Can Enjoy Your Home While Sheltering In Place

Top 10 Ways To Enjoy Shelter In Place – 2020 Quarantine

Recently, my team and I came up with a 10 Day Home Quarantine Challenge via Instagram. If you’re not on the ‘gram, I’d hate for you to miss out on the suggestions we shared, so here they are for you too! 1o ways you can enjoy your home while sheltering in place.

1. Make Your Bed.

It may seem simple, but this is a powerful practice to complete every morning. We (and by we I mean my husband) do this every day even when we are not sheltering in place. You’re starting your day with a WIN.

2. Clean Your Kitchen Countertops.

Not just with the Listerine Wipes, but with just a good WIPE DOWN. And put any dishes away. Dirty? Put them in the dishwasher. Clean? Put them in the cabinet. Just clean those countertops off! You’ll walk into the space and feel an immediate sense of relief.


3. Mix & Match Your Pillows.

Take all of your decorative pillows away from their respective “home” and put them in a pile. Then take the pillows, individually, and put them in a new space in your home.

You’ll find that you may have just been used to something somewhere…and that you enjoy a new perspective with it somewhere else.

4. Rearrange Your Accessories.

Y’all. This is just like #3, but with your accessories. You may have a lot of accessories in your home, or you may be like me, with a toddler who trumps decor. haha. But either way, take everything away from their current locations, put them on your dining table and THEN put them “away” in a new, decorative location.

5. Rearrange Your Furniture.

Yep. Same as the pillows and the accessories. In hindsight, maybe we should have re-arranged the furniture first, but hey, you have plenty of time on your hands right now, right? And you may even find – in this exercise – that you can rearrange items from room to room, and not just within the same room. Stand back, look at the house as a whole and see what may be able to move into a completely different room.

So that is the first half, all of which are free, may I remind you. And let’s also keep things in perspective that there is no deadline, ummmmkay? So, implement these in any order. Here are the rest:

Hmmm…looks like I offered TWO tips for Day #6 on the ‘gram, so you’ll get the same treatment. No extra charge.


6A. Bring the Outside In.

Yep. Bring some plants inside. Can’t get to the nursery? Believe it or not, Amazon ships live plants. You can also go outside and get some cuttings of simple greenery for a vase of water.

6B. Clean Your Kitchen.

Day 2 was just cleaning the countertops. But I also challenge you to scrub your sink, wipe your backsplash, take the grates out of your cooktop / range and soak those babies, mop the floor, wipe down the inside of your refrigerator, and maybe even light a candle to clear the air.

7. Update Your Lighting.

Even though our retailers are closed, their online options are still available (and welcome, I’m sure!). Take a look at the lights in your home. Is the chandelier over your dining table up to date? Is your lamp shade too yellow? What about the pendant lights over your kitchen sink / island…do they need an update?

Changing these out is as simple as ordering and then watching a Your Tube “how to” video…you most likely don’t need an electrician (but I am offering a disclaimer here to not take on anything you’re not comfortable enough, and that hiring a professional is recommended). I actually changed out my previous home’s dining room chandelier…just make sure you flip the breaker and turn that electricity off, okay?


8. Style and Stage Your Laundry Room.

Yes, probably an uber functional room, but why not make it pretty too? Add some organic materials, such as a woven basket or a plant, paint it a light and happy color and maybe even update the tile…chances are, you may be able to DIY it after ordering the tile online and watching a how to video.


9. Add Some Paint.

We’re almost done with 10 Free Ways You Can Shelter In Place and this option may make the biggest impact: PAINT. You can paint a whole room, paint a wall or two in a room, paint the ceiling, paint the fireplace, or paint part of a wall. But this is an amazing way to change the vibe of an entire space.

10. Enjoy It.

And finally, maybe the most impactful way to enjoy your home while sheltering in place is to hug those that are in your house with you. At the end of the day, HOME is where your loved ones are. It’s not about how fancy, clean or expensive your house is. It’s about the love and laughter that decorate the spaces inside.

Let’s all remember this quarantine time in our lives – and the lessons it has taught us” that we are ONE society, working diligently to love one another and support the cycles of our mother earth.

That material goods are fleeting, and our health is precarious. That family extends beyond our bloodline. that our God is sovereign and loving – and has us all wrapped in His loving arms.

Turn to Him when you are fearful, or when you are scared, and He will bring you peace that will transcend all understanding.