How to Add These DFW Approved 2022 Design Trends to Your Home- Part 2

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How to Add These DFW Approved 2022 Design Trends to Your Home
Part 2

You didn’t think we were done after just three trends, did you? No way! There are so many fabulous trends happening in the design world right now, and they have the potential to stick around for years to come, so we can’t just leave you hanging without a full rundown.

Last month, we shared three of the trends we love for 2022, including eco-friendly materials, neutral color stories with bright accents, and biophilic design. Bring on Mother Nature! This month, we have a couple more to add to the list. And they’re all worthy of your home. Keep reading for two more trends that are DFW approved for your home.


Multipurpose Spaces


Remember, intentional design is the key with all things interior this year, so flex spaces are a major thing. Theater rooms now become quiet spaces for the kiddos to do homework, and more importantly, where you can hideout and nap in a dark space. Home offices double as crafting nooks, and sometimes even a second (or third) living room, where you can just be.
Because these days, sharing is caring.

As much as we all love (and need) our personal space, making rooms multiuse just makes more sense. So, instead of having an entire room to yourself, you’ll just have to delegate more time to yourself, wherever that might be. Having flexible space in your home is not by any means replacing your quiet time, that’s a life requirement and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.

Think of it as giving yourself even more square footage to work with. While the theater room might have been off limits while someone was binging their favorite shows, allowing it to be used for other things allows the herd more room to roam! And just think of all the space you can create by optimizing that outdoor area you’ve been wanting to revamp. Those days when the kids are home from school just got a heck of a lot easier.


We’re Bringing Vintage Back


… Yeah! Like you weren’t already singing that into the Justin Timberlake song. Using vintage finds in your home design fits hand in hand with the idea of timeless classics that are meant to last. Natural elements, vintage finds… basically peanut butter and jelly!

Don’t panic, you don’t have to undo all of the shiny new things you’ve just done in your home. No no, you’ve worked way too hard to make that happen. But you can be on the lookout for a few oldies but goodies to start bringing in vintage elements.

Remember the planters we mentioned earlier? Vintage finds are often great to use as clever little homes for your plants! There’s also a plethora of vintage furniture out there waiting for a new home. You don’t have to be an upholstery wiz to make these work, either. If you find something that catches your eye, but needs a fabric upgrade, there are plenty of people who are able to do that for you. Or, you might even get lucky and find something that’s perfect as is!

Wolf Hall Antique Collective is overloaded with stunning antiques from cases to cupboards, lighting to mirrors, and literally everything imaginable in between. It’s all magnificently unique.

But if you want to truly venture down the vintage path, check out Dolly Python. You have to be in the vintage mood for this one, but we promise you, there’s nothing quite like it. Here you’ll find an impressive collection of kitschy things you didn’t even know existed, along with a quirky and fun shopping experience.


Final Thoughts


Now you have all the design ideas and inspo you could possibly need to give your DFW home a 2022 facelift. Because it’s your home- you need a space that says “I’m trendy, I’m fabulous, and I’m not ashamed to show it,” in the most classy and tasteful way.

But if we’re being honest, you might not have the time to make this happen on your own, or the space in your brain to even start working out the logistics (let alone the creative angles). If that sounds more like you, then here’s a little secret… we’re here to help.

Fine, it’s not a secret. So when you’re ready to bring your home into 2022 with style, our team is here for you! There’s a special chemistry when we get together. You’ll feel the playful, creative energy and laser-sharp attention to detail we bring to the table. Focused and unfussy, we love to say we take our projects seriously, but never ourselves. Give us a call to bring the whole team to your home- just be prepared for magic to happen.