New Year, New Decade, New Design


Everyone starts the New Year looking for something fresh – whether it’s looking to lose weight, hoping to get their finances in order, taking steps to eat healthy, or simply to be nice to their in-laws… The New Year is a GREAT time to look around your home and see what might need to be freshened up (and a resolution will force you to do so)! 

2020 New Years Resolution: Freshen My Home with New Design

It’s a new DECADE! Y’all, I think it’s time to reassess some of your furniture decisions from the 1900’s… Does that yellowing lampshade really need to continue living in the entryway? 

And yes, that IS my house…I’m guilty of these same details! (MUST REPLACE THAT SHADE!)

As always, we advocate using an interior designer because as experts, we look at the overall project as a whole – versus most homeowners, who typically look at individual pieces of furniture and each room separately. Your home should flow and have a sense of continuity as you walk room to room. The appearance of effortless cohesiveness around your home is our goal!

Interior Designers = Home is one cohesive interior design project

Homeowners = Fractured – Furniture pieces or separate rooms

Reminder: It is our J-O-B to make your home look beautiful (but that’s a separate blog post). 

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Here are your 6 immediate steps to give your home the *minor* facelift it needs to kick off 2020…

TIP #1: How to rearrange furniture pieces

Are there any pieces that you can “swap” around your home? Maybe move a chair from the living room into the den? Do you have a fun console table that can become a sofa table? Or a sofa table that can become a console? 

My Tip: Look at similar pieces and if they are (keyword) *cohesive* swap ‘em! 


TIP #2: How to mix & match your pillows

Okay y’all, if you love pillows like my team and I do, this is our favorite tip… Mix and match your pillows! 

My Tip: Take all of your pillows from their cozy corners around your home and place them all on your living room floor (or wherever you have a good amount of space). Pretend you are shopping for your rooms again. Are the colors cohesive? If the colors are cohesive – great, move them from room to room. Create new combinations! If not, consider some new pillows in your favorite color combinations to match the rest of the house. Mix that gorgeous leather pillow from your family room with the fun patterned navy pillow from your master, and TA-DAH – new look!


TIP #3: How to rearrange furniture…

It’s time to flex your muscles (and purchase some furniture sliders) – because it’s time to MOVE THAT SOFA! (Like “move that truck” from Extreme Home Make-Over… but with the sofa, get it?)

My Tip: Let’s take that sofa that is currently facing your TV and move it perpendicular to the television so you can still enjoy a good view of the Super Bowl (Sunday, February 2nd at 5:30 PM).


TIP #4: Add greenery into your home

Hello my friends with a green thumb, it’s time to add some fresh greenery to your home to (seriously) freshen it up! 

My Tip: TRADER JOE’S!!! Trader Joe’s has a wonderful and beautiful greenery selection in addition to fresh flowers. (I have had some in a vase on my dining table for MONTHS that still looks beautiful – and yes, it’s still alive).

Friends who don’t have the “touch” to keep plants alive, although I prefer fresh, buy some beautiful silk plants (I won’t tell). Click here to check some of our favorites here!

TIP #5: Update your lighting

Lighting – this is probably the biggest thing people overlook in their homes. Look at the lights around your home. Reassess the chandelier over your dining room table, the pendant lights highlighting your island, OR simply look at your lamps. 

My Tip: Is your lamp shade the right color? It might be as simple as that! Ivory or yellow lamp shades will date your home (yuck!). Buy a lampshade that is more “white” and it will instantly brighten your home (no pun intended). 💡

TIP #6 Rearranging your art pieces

ART, ART, ART. First, you can re-arrange art pieces in your home. Can that beautiful teal piece in the dining room work in your living room? Let’s again reiterate *cohesiveness*

My Tip: *sighs* Okay, if you have something that you absolutely LOVE but can’t get rid of – but it SCREAMS circa 1990 – put/hide it in your guest room. The guest bedroom is a wonderful place to keep the things that advertise to your friends that you’re hanging onto the past! (Don’t worry, we ALL have that secret hiding place.)


Merry Decorating!  

** And, if you feel like you’ve stared at the details in your home for long enough – give us a call! **

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Stay tuned for more design tips in the TX living magazine…