Our FAVORITES for Summer Outdoor Entertaining, at it’s BEST

Outdoor Living Space Design in Dallas, TX

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You’ve had all winter to enjoy your beautiful home’s interior, it’s time to soak up the sunshine and fresh air with your beautiful outdoor living space. Last summer, we gave you six tips for building your outdoor dream oasis. Now, move your biscuits outside and take advantage of the space you created… and maybe show it off with some warm-weather entertaining.

Dinner parties, happy hours, pool parties, kids’ birthdays… these are all things that are even more fun when they’re hosted outdoors. Shoot, even sending your husband and his buddies to watch baseball is better outside- mostly because the mess is kept out there, but it’s still better nonetheless. But what do you need to make the most of your very thoughtfully planned, carefully designed, and perfectly styled outdoor space? We’ll tell you, coming up next.


Accessories for your BEST Pool Life


Go a few steps above regular beach towels and boring floats. If you’re going to have people over to your home, why not add in some “wow” factors? For drying off after a dip, try this Turkish beach towel. It’s also very Insta-worthy if it happens to make its way into any photos, and as Michelle says, the perfect wrap for a poolside, sunburnt nap. 

But of course… A major sunburn will ruin all the fun. This SunBum sunscreen is a go-to for protection, and because it smells like summer in a bottle. Just remember, it’s sunscreen, not body spray. Some people, who shall remain nameless, may or may not get carried away with the spritzing because it’s just. so. good. 

And don’t forget the pool floats! Whether or not you actually plan to get in the pool is one thing, and probably depends on the Dallas heat and humidity. But having fun floats swirling around the pool is an absolute must. You can toss in a unicorn float or a swan for looks, but don’t forget to get a couple that are actually meant for comfort and maximum relaxation. Debbie’s favorite is this pool recliner. And don’t forget the fur babies! They need to relax in the pool, too. This doggie float has been officially tested and approved by Debbie’s pup, Norman.


Save Water, Drink Cocktails


You really can’t have an outdoor event without drinks. Well, technically you can, but adult bevs just feel right when you’re partying outside. Michelle’s famous sangria is a favorite around here, for poolside sips and after-dark drinks:

  • Fill cup with ice
  • Fill 1/2 with red blend wine
  • Add 1/4 shot of Captain Morgan Spiced Rum
  • Top with original Fresca to the rim – and enjoy!


Decide how many people you plan to host for any given event, and stock the bar accordingly. It’s not a good idea to store liquor outside, so pull all your best spirits from your fully stocked bar and create one outside. If you can, avoid serving drinks in glass, because glass and pools and adult beverages just don’t really go together all that well. Try keeping a few of these Corksicle Stemless Cups on hand, they’re great for day or night drinks and don’t break!

In addition to your bar staples, like tequila, vodka, and mixers, you should also have a few different wine and beer options. You can base these choices on what kind of food you’re serving. And obviously, a go-to for us Texans is chilled Topo Chico for those days you (or guests) want a nice crisp and fixxy glass of hydration. 


Good Food and Great Friends


Speaking of food, even if you’re not serving a complete meal, you still need some. Hiring a chef to prepare the food is always a great option, leaving you open to mingle with your guests. Even if it’s a small party, it’s still nice to sit back and let someone else do the cooking… and take care of the clean up. We love Chef Clayton Kahler Brown at Crescendo Culinary, and highly recommend using him to create a beautiful, well-planned and artistically executed menu for your gathering. 

If you’re an avid at home chef, we heavily recommend The Big Green Egg for outdoor cooking. Hello fabulousness! This is a summer staple in many homes, including Michelle’s. This outdoor cooking miracle makes it easy to cook meats, veggies, and even desserts, to a smoked perfection. 

Pro tip (and by pro, we mean design pros that love outdoor entertaining), when you have a random assortment of ingredients and you want to use them up… pizza on The Big Green Egg is always the answer. 

If you need a little recipe inspo, Debbie suggests following The Defined Dish for healthful, delicious foods created by Dallas’s very own award winning food blogger. Debbie is also an avid gardener, and loves to prep her outdoor meals with ingredients she harvested from her own mini-farm! Peppers, carrots, cucumbers, onions… you name it, Debbie grows it. And she uses this utility cart to make it a little easier to round up all of her flavors to bring from the garden to the grill. 

Wrapping Up


Hosting and entertaining outdoors is just what we do in Texas, and you have to admit, you’re pretty good at it. But now you can take your outdoor hosting game to the next level with a little help from your MLIG girls. 

Need a little help styling your outdoor space? Or maybe you’d like to revamp your inside during the summer, while you’re spending all of your time outside? Our team is here for you! There’s a special chemistry when we get together. You’ll feel the playful, creative energy and laser-sharp attention to detail we bring to the table. Focused and unfussy, we love to say we take our projects seriously, but never ourselves. Click here to contact us for a design consultation.


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