Preparing for Holiday Guests: 4 Things You Can Start Doing RIGHT NOW

Let’s be honest, your house is the most fabulous in the family. This is why everyone always wants to be your holiday houseguest. And really, you did spend all that time, effort, and money on your pristine home, so why not show it off?!

Even though you have a chic, daily setup that works for you, there’s always a fair amount of preparation to be done right before the guests arrive. Your guest space looks great, but to be the ultimate hostess and make your guests feel as comfortable as possible, there are a few things you might want to put on your to-do list right now. But don’t boggle your brain trying to figure that out, we have it all figured out for you. Just stick around for this quick read on what you can do to be prepared for holiday guests.


Clean and Declutter


Woof. This is the least exciting part of guest prep. But it has to be done. Move any unnecessary clutter to a storage closet, far away from the guest space. Friends and family will be living here, so make it easy for them to move around. They don’t want to have to worry about bumping into that super expensive picture frame and breaking it.

Want to make your cleaning life easier? Use cloth diapers (clean ones, of course) for cleaning. They’re fantastic for all the surfaces! And they’re so absorbent, they can take a stain out of just about anything.


Create Additional Space


This doesn’t mean start that over-the-garage guest suite addition you’ve been waiting on. Don’t get too crazy. All you need to do is create space within the rooms you already have. Make sure there’s space in your coat closet, add a guest laundry basket to the mudroom, and free up extra drawers and closets in the guestroom. This is why decluttering and moving things out of the guest space is important. Especially if your guests are staying longer than just an overnight visit.

If you really want to go the extra mile, you can add a coffee bar in your guest space or kitchen. You can also make snacks and beverages easily accessible by adding a mini-fridge and treat basket. Remember, the ultimate goal is to make your guests feel at home, without you having to wait on them hand and foot. And, it helps you avoid awkward conversations when someone has to ask you for something.

Putting extra stools at the breakfast bar and chairs at the table also helps guests feel more welcome. Additional seating is like a subliminal message to guests that they’re free to sit wherever, no need to wait for an invitation.

Our designer Debbie is basically the queen of houseguests, here are a few of her suggestions for making a guest area more functional:

  • Make sure the guest bed is layered with plenty of pillows and extra blankets. Also, make sure there are more in the closet.
  • Bring in an extra chair or bench, if you don’t already have one. Guests need a space to put their belongings, like a handbag, that isn’t the bed.
  • Fresh towels are a must! And lots of them.
  • Provide good mirrors. A magnifying mirror in the bathroom is great, and a full length mirror in the bedroom.
  • Add a blow dryer and let your guests know they don’t have to bring one.
  • Provide makeup remover sheets, your towels will thank you!
  • Keep a vanity cabinet empty so your guests have a place to store their items and keep the counters free from clutter.
  • Stock those small bottles of water so your guests don’t feel like they’ll disturb the household if they need some water in the middle of the night.
  • If your guest room was previously one of your kiddos’ room, make sure it’s updated to be a true guest retreat. Tuck away any of those high school relics that might usually live in this room.

Stock Up


Now THIS is the fun part. It’s time to shop… for the guests, of course. Your endgame here is to get everything you need for your guests to take full advantage of the space you’ve already designed. Here’s a quick list of things you might want to buy while you’re on your shopping adventure:

  • Breakfast foods and late night snacks
  • More toilet paper and paper towels than you think you’ll need
  • Outdoor activities for the little ones
  • Treats for any traveling pets
  • Extra toiletries
  • Additional phone chargers
  • Adult beverages (little bottles are cute to have on display in your guest space)

Add the Finishing Touches


Before you stand back and brush the dust off your hands from a job well done, we have a list of things you can do to make sure your guests remember who is the most wonderful host in the whole world. Give them a stay they’ll never forget by “polishing” your space:

  • Add a welcome sign or a simple handwritten note.
  • Make a list of nearby coffee shops, cafes, and grocery stores.
  • Add motion detector night lights in any areas where guests might venture out to in the night.
  • Make a playlist of background music and share it with your guests… holiday music is a bonus.
  • Put together a basket of toiletries in the bathroom and a separate snack/bev basket in the bedroom.
  • Frame your wifi password for easy access, or just create a QR code so guests can have it handy at all times.
  • Add fresh flowers wherever you can. And, to keep it festive, add just one or two holiday decs. You still want to keep it minimal, but festive at the same time.

Now you can take a step back and admire your hard work. Pour yourself a glass of wine and relax… until the guests arrive, of course. And, if you’re realizing you really do need more space, or you’re ready to design that home addition you’ve been dreaming of, we’ve got your back!


Michelle Lynne Interiors Group is a Dallas-Ft. Worth based Interior Design team that specializes in creating homes that are happier and more efficient for busy people. If you’re ready to take your Dallas hospitality to a new level with a smart, stylish, and fun space give us a call or reach out via our contact page!