Unique Ways To Use Your Tax Refund | Splurging on Home Decor

Unique Ways To Use Your Tax Refund To Splurge on Home Decor | Published in Texas Living Magazine

If you would have told me three months ago, that the world would break out in a global pandemic, I would have told you to sit down and have another glass of wine. Nevertheless, I wanted to showcase this article that was published in Texas Living Magazine about spending your tax return WISELY.

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Are you bored of staring at the same four walls in your home? Here is another great way to reallocate your summer vacation money into upgrading your interiors…

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You cannot spell “refund” without “fun,” and that certainly applies to good ol’ tax time, too.

If you are looking for quick and easy ways to use up the tax refund from the IRS on home décor, the obvious choices are things like buying a new sofa or dining table or repainting some walls.

You could even get into the spring spirit and start buying new outdoor furniture and accent pieces. Those are all well and good (and quite practical), but why go the simple route when the whole point is to have fun? Here are some ways to upgrade that refund into fabulous new home décor!