Why Your Kitchen Remodel Needs To Expand Beyond Your Kitchen

We do a lot of kitchen remodels here at ML Interiors Group. These projects are always a lot of work and a lot of fun. The transformation that occurs is phenomenal and our clients are always over the moon with delight. However, one of the messages they don’t expect to hear in our initial meetings is that “Your kitchen remodel needs to expand beyond your kitchen.”

When your kitchen opens into another area, there is a natural flow between the rooms and they need to co-exist. When you remodel the kitchen, but ignore the rooms it opens into, you disrupt this natural flow and the space looks forgotten.


Below is the living room of a home where we designed a full kitchen remodel. Note the countertop in the foreground. It’s obvious this room and the kitchen share a space. The client was surprised when we told them that if they remodeled their kitchen, they would need to remodel their living area as well. Based on the kitchen they described wanting, this living room style was not going to coordinate at all. Once the client understood that a simple coat of paint in the living room was not going to marry the two spaces, he did approve the kitchen remodel to continue into the living room.

Living room before remodel

Living room before the remodel.

The kitchen remodel resulted in a bright and sleek space. The pendants above the second island are very modern, and the hood is custom and sleek. If this kitchen was delivered next to the living room above, the entire space would feel out of alignment.

Colleyville area kitchen design and renovation | ML Interiors Group | waterfall quartz countertops, white backsplash, wood shelves, black range hood.

Kitchen Renovation

We created niches where the built in cabinets were, removed the coffered ceiling and installed a custom floating wood ceiling (that was backlit) and continued through to a complete remodel of the fireplace as well.

Colleyville area kitchen design and renovation | ML Interiors Group | waterfall quartz countertops, white backsplash, wood shelves, black range hood, double island

Double Island Kitchen Design

This living room is much more in line with the style of the remodeled kitchen. Imagine if we had left it as it was.

Family room remodel and decorating | ML Interiors Group | Dallas Interior Design

Family Room Remodel

We were able to keep the client’s two couches, and we relocated the rest of the furniture to other areas of the house. This room was completed with new items that were more in line with the vibe they were aiming for. And seriously, look at that fireplace! It is 100% aligned with the style of the kitchen and creates a seamless transition between the two spaces.

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