Help! The Pandemic Hijacked My Vacation!

Help! The Pandemic Hijacked My Vacation!

Can you believe that it is almost the end of August? Many of us are finally free from “life on hold” a little bit, then you were told that your summer vacation plans were officially canceled. UGH, now what? Staring at all of the home improvement ideas you’ve put off for years (and didn’t really tackle during quarantine), they can now take center stage.

If you can’t vacate, then renovate!

We consider every detail when designing the space of your dreams.

If thinking about renovation makes you anxious or decorating is not in your DNA, it’s time to bring in the professionals to tackle those projects that you’ve put on the back burner for years. Need a kitchen update? We can help. Renderings, elevations, construction documents, you name it and we can do it for you!

As interior designers, we know that the hubs doesn’t understand why you don’t think his “perfectly good” couch from college no longer works in your house?  We can help!

Make Your Outdoor Haven Your Permanent Vacation Spot

Could we reimagine your outdoor living areas for a permanent vacation spot? Of course, we can help with that! The fall weather is right around the corner (or that is what we keep telling ourselves) and you can finally have that dream patio you always wanted…

Working With A Professional Interior Design Firm

With our extensive research process and investigative techniques, we can help you discover what style you love, and how your space needs to function for your lifestyle, and maybe not miss that lost vacation so much.

After we really get to know you and discover what will make your house a better home, we dive and design. How will I know if I like it, you ask? This is where the fun starts. We can provide as much detail as you need.

We can literally recreate what your home will look like after we create a space (or, two) to meet your unique needs and style. We describe it as taking a drink out of a firehose of detail. With 3-D renderings, material samples, fabric samples, hardware samples, and so on during your design presentation. Then, we box it all up (and a bottle of our signature bubbly) and you can take it home with you to see how it all works together in those spaces.

We’re pretty good at getting the design of your dreams, but we do have room for revisions. After all, this is your home and your style; we don’t push our personal style on our clients.

Just take a look at our diverse portfolio and you’ll see a wide variety of designs because our “look” is what our clients want. We handle all the details till completion for you!


The Ultimate Vacation Renovation

Did we mention the presents? We like to pamper our clients. After all, Interior Design is a luxury service.

Imagine it as a Spa Day for your house. If a massage doesn’t make your feel good during and after the experience, was it worth it? Probably not. It’s not just about the end result, although we’re really good at that part, we want you to enjoy working with us from meeting us and discussing your project, all the way through putting the last accessory in place.

We are here to serve. So if your vacation was hijacked and you’re stuck at home without a break, let us help make your home your luxury destination.

Call today, we’re already booking into late September!